Marion County Waterways


This unidentified riverboat captain was photographed in Jefferson, Texas. He wears the uniform of his trade and the word "Captain" is clearly visible on the front of his cap. At the time this photograph was taken, Jefferson was still the most important inland port in Texas, and riverboats from the Red River regularly navigated their way up Big Cypress Creek to the city. This carte de visite is the only known extant photographic image of a riverboat captain who visited the port city.




Caddo Lake

Lake O' the Pines

Tarver's Ferry

Marion County Creeks

Steamboat Mittie Stephens


The Lake City Navigation Company

Marion County Bayou Navigation Company

 Jefferson. Marshall and Big Cypress Bayou Bridge Company

Free Public Bridge across Big Cypress

 Toll Bridge across Big Cypress.

Conditions Prior To The Advent  Of Railways


Joint Resolution   

 Improvement of Cypress Bayou  Approved  June 10, 1872, March 3, 1873 Part One  

 Improvement of Cypress Bayou  Approved  June 10, 1872, March 3, 1873 Part Two

River and Harbor Acts Approved March 3, 1909, June 25, 1910, and July 25, 1912

Report - River and Harbor Acts Approved February 27, 1911, and July 25, 1912




Image courtesy of Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries, DeGolyer Library