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The Freedmen's Bureau in Texas

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List of Subassistant Commissioners

This list provides the names and dates of service of known Freedmen’s Bureau personnel at selected subordinate field offices for Texas. Additional information regarding persons assigned to various field offices might be found among the Bureau’s Washington headquarters station books and rosters of military officers and civilians on duty in the states and other appointment-related records.


AUSTIN, TX Travis County.

Subassistant Commissioner

Byron Porter Oct. 1866–Feb. 1867

James Oakes Feb. 1867–Apr. 1868

Clarence Mauck Apr.–June 1868 and Aug.–Dec. 1868

Ebenezer Gay June–Nov. 1868

BASTROP, TEXAS Bastrop County

Subassistant Commissioner

Byron Porter Feb. 1867–Apr. 1868

W. H. Horton May–Aug. 1868

David S. Beath Oct.–Dec. 1868

BEAUMONT, TX Jefferson County

Subassistant Commissioner

J. H. Archer June 1867–Nov. 1868

BELTON, TX Bell County

Subassistant Commissioner

Mathew Young July–Oct. 1867

Charles C. Stiles Oct.–Dec. 1867

BOSTON Bowie County

Subassistant Commissioner

William G. Kirkman July 1867–Oct. 1868

 BRENHAM, TX Washington County

Subassistant Commissioner

F. P. Wood Apr.–Dec. 1868

BROWNSVILLE, TX Cameron County

Subassistant Commissioner

Charles H. Morse Apr.–Aug. 1867

Joseph J. Reynolds Aug. 1867

R. S. Mackenzie Oct.–Dec. 1867

 BRYAN, TX Brazos County,

Subassistant Commissioner

N. H. Handlett (at Courtney) June–Dec. 1866

De Witt Brown (at Navasota) Feb. 1867

N. H. Handlett (at Anderson) May 1867–Jan. 1868

N. H. Handlett Mar.–May 1868

James Gillette Oct.–Dec. 1868


Subassistant Commissioner

Fred W. Reinhard Mar.–July 1867

J. H. Bradford July 1867–Jan. 1868

Edwin Turnock Feb. 1868

CLARKSVILLE, TX Red River County

Subassistant Commissioner

(See Marlin) Dec. 1867–July 1868

George Sharkley Sept.–Dec. 1868

CLINTON, TX DeWitt County

Subassistant Commissioner

Hiram Clark Apr. 1867–Dec. 1868


Subassistant Commissioner

James Hutchison Jan. 1866–May 1867

John F. Stokes May–June 1867

P. F. Duggan June–Oct. 1867

A.F.N. Rolfe Oct.–Dec. 1867nkjmk

Arthur B. Honer Jan.–Nov. 1868

COLUMBUS, TX Colorado County

Subassistant Commissioner

J. Ernest Goodman Apr.–July 1866

Enon M. Harris Nov. 1866 and Jan. 1867–Feb. 1868

Louis W. Stevenson Feb.–Dec. 1868

COTTON GIN, TX Freestone County

Subassistant Commissioner

A. F. Manning Apr.–June 1867

Charles E. Culver June–Oct. 1867

James T. Hill Dec. 1867

Robert P. Wilson Jan.–Mar. 1868

David S. Beath Aug.–Sept. 1868

T.M.K. Smith Oct.–Nov. 1868

COURTNEY, TX Grimes County(See Bryan)

CROCKETT, TX Houston County

Subassistant Commissioner

Louis H. Jacobs May 1867

F. W. Reinhard Aug.–Oct. 1867

D. S. Hunsaker Sept.–Oct. 1867

Henry C. Lacy Sept.–Nov. 1868

James Gilchrist Nov. 1868

GALVESTON, TX Galveston County

Subassistant Commissioner

A. Doubleday Jan.–May 1867v

Henry Norton June–July 1867

T. J. Kratz Aug. 1867

E. M. Wheelock Sept. 1867

G. M. Bascom Nov. 1867–Apr. 1868

George H. Cram May–Aug. and Nov. 1868

GILMER, TX Upshur County(See Marlin)


Subassistant Commissioner

J. Albert Saylor May–June 1866

W. H. Hiestand Oct. 1866–Apr. 1867

Phineas Stevens May 1867–Mar. 1868

HOUSTON, TX Harris County

Superintendent and Provost Marshal

I. C. De Gress Oct.–Dec. 1865

Subassistant Commissioner

George Gladwin Dec. 1865–Jan. 1866

Byron Porter Jan.–Sept. 1866

H. H. Edlefron Sept. 1866

I. C. De Gress Oct.–Dec. 1866

Walter B. Pease Jan.–June 1867

J. D. O’Connell June–Oct. 1867

William M. Van Horn Oct.–Dec. 1867

Walter B. Pease Jan.–Mar. 1868

William M. Van Horn Mar.–June 1868

M. E. Davis June–Dec. 1868

HUNTSVILLE, TX Walker County

Subassistant Commissioner

James C. Devine Oct. 1866–June 1867

James P. Butler June 1867–May 1868

 LIBERTY, TX Liberty County

Subassistant Commissioner

A. H. Mayer Aug. 1866–Feb. 1868

A. H. Cox Mar.–Dec. 1868

 LOCKHART, TX Caldwell County

Subassistant Commissioner

Thomas H. Baker June–Dec. 1868

 MARLIN, TX Falls County,

Subassistant Commissioner

F. B. Sturgis Jan.–Nov. 1867

Charles F. Rand (at Gilmer) Aug.–Dec. 1867

Charles F. Rand(at Clarksville) Dec. 1867–July 1868

Charles F. Rand Oct.–Dec. 1868

MARSHALL, TX Harrison County

Subassistant Commissioner

Charles F. Rand Dec. 1866–May 1867

Adam G. Malloy May 1867–Mar. 1868

T.M.K. Smith Apr.–Sept. 1868

H. Sweeney Sept.–Oct. 1868

E. C. Henshaw Oct.–Dec. 1868

MATAGORDA, TX Matagorda County

Subassistant Commissioner

William Garretson May–Sept. 1867

 MERIDIAN, TX Bosque County

Subassistant Commissioner

Philip Howard Jan. 1866–Jan. 1868

MILLICAN, TX Brazos County (See Bryan for records)

 NACOGDOCHES, TX Nacogdoches County

Subassistant Commissioner

T.M.K. Smith Oct.–Nov. 1867

Alex Ferguson May–Dec. 1868

 NAVASOTA, TX Grimes County(See Bryan)

 PALESTINE, TX Anderson County

Subassistant Commissioner

Alfred Hedberg Dec. 1868–Jan. 1869

RICHMOND, TX Fort Bend County

Subassistant Commissioner

Sam C. Sloan Jan.–July 1866

Charles C. Hardenbrook Oct.–Nov. 1866

William H. Rock Aug.–Oct. 1866

and Dec. 1866–Dec. 1868

SAN ANTONIO, TX Bexar County

Subassistant Commissioner

Joseph Ferguson June–Sept. 1866

F. B. Sturgis Nov. 1866

Edward W. Whittemore Mar.–May 1867

John S. Mason May 1867–Sept. 1868

J. W. Eckles Sept.–Oct. 1868

J. R. Fitch Oct.–Dec. 1868

SEGUIN, TX Guadalupe County

Subassistant Commissioner

George W. Smith Jan.–Oct. 1867

E. W. Whittemore Oct. 1867–Mar. 1868

C. C. Raymond June–Sept. 1868

STERLING, TX Robertson County

Subassistant Commissioner

Lemuel K. Morton Sept. 1866

J. L. Randall Apr. 1867–Dec. 1868

SUMPTER, TX Trinity County

Subassistant Commissioner

H. S. Johnson Sept.–Nov. 1867

Charles Schmidt Apr.–Dec. 1868

TYLER, TX Smith County

Subassistant Commissioner

David L. Montgomery Mar. 1867–Mar. 1868

Gregory Barrett, Jr. Mar.–Sept. 1868

W. T. Hartz Oct.–Nov. 1868

Horace Jewett Nov.–Dec. 1868

WACO, TX McLennan County

Subassistant Commissioner

A. F. Manning Jan.–Feb. 1867

Edwin Mauck Feb.–Mar. 1867

A. W. Evans Mar.–Apr. 1867

James Jay Emerson Apr.–Nov. 1867

D. F. Stiles Dec. 1867–Mar. 1868

Charles Haughn Mar.–Dec. 1868

WHARTON, TX Wharton County

Subassistant Commissioner

J. W. McConaughy Jan.–July 1866

Charles F. Rand Nov. 1866

W. H. Horton Dec. 1866–Feb. 1867

De Witt Brown Apr.–May 1867

Ira H. Evans June 1867–Jan. 1868

Nesbit B. Jenkins Feb.–Dec. 1868