When Freedom Cried Out:
The Freedmen's Bureau in Texas

Theodore Bolton



The Army in Texas During Reconstruction, 1865-1870 (Texas a&M University Military History Series, No 3)

Overreached on All Sides: The Freedmen's Bureau Administrators in Texas, 1865-1868



Freedmen's Bureau Origin and Legislations

Freedmen's Bureau Personnel

Freedmen's Bureau at the Local Level

Map of Texas Sub Districts

Education for Freedmen

Freedmen's Bureau and Marriage

Labor Contracts

Judicial and Violence

Abandoned or Confiscated Land

Aid and Relief


Texas Black Codes

Articles, Records, etc


Assistant Commissioner - Edgar M Gregory   Many transcriptions, scroll to bottom of page. 

Transcribed Letters Sent by Gregory as Assistant Commissioner for Texas

Handbook of Texas Online: Freedmen's Bureau : An Overview

Freedmens Bureau Online - Texas  Many transcriptions, 

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration



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