Rosenwald Schools in Upshur County

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Rosenwald School Plans - Appendix Two

Rosenwald Schools in Upshur County

Bethlehem School  

Bolton school  

Elam Springs School  

Lindsey Springs School  

Long Pine School  

Sand Hill School  

Shop at Valley View School  

Teachers' Home at Valley View School  

Valley View school  


The Rosenwald schools.The Rosenwald schools furnish a striking illustration of what can be accomplished by the cooperation of private philanthropy, public school funds, and the Negroes themselves. Mr. Julius Rosenwald, of Chicago, aids Negro communities in building rural schools. The funds are administered by the extension department of Tuskegee Institute. The amount given is limited to $400 for a one-teacher school and $500 for a two-teacher school. An equal or greater amount must be secured from the public authorities or raised by the school patrons. In many instances the Negroes have secured aid from both the State and the Rosenwald Fund in building a school.

To secure Rosenwald aid, the school must have at least a five months' term. No help can be secured from the Rosenwald Fund until the total amount raised, including the Rosenwald money, is sufficient to complete and furnish the schoolhouse, but land, labor, and material may be included in estimating the amount raised by the community. The building must be erected on a plat of at least 2 acres owned by the public authorities and the building must be built in accordance with a plan approved by the Tuskegee Institute. The building must be completed within six months after the Rosenwald aid is secured.

School consolidation has been promoted by reason of the fact that two communities, by combining their schools, can get $800 for the consolidated school if they raise a like amount. Terms have also been lengthened and teachers' salaries increased. The Rosenwald Fund aids communities that have erected new schools in this way: In the case of a one-teacher school with a five months' term, the Rosenwald Fund offers $30 if the patrons raise a like amount, in order that the school may have a seven-months' term. The term of a two-teacher school is increased one month by the same plan. Where the school already has a seven months' term, the money from the patrons and the Rosenwald Fund is used to increase the teacher's salary.

The Rosenwald schoolhouses are carefully planned to meet the needs of a rural school. In the case of a one-teacher school, the building is provided with a room for industrial work, cloak rooms, and a closet for storing supplies. The two-teacher schoolhouses usually have rooms for kitchen and shop, and a small library. The buildings are properly lighted, and equipped with patent desks and good blackboards. Each school has two sanitary toilets.


Sanitary Toilet for Two-Teacher School