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AN ACT to establish and incorporate a Literary Institution at the town of Gilmer in the county of Upshur. 

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That an institution of learning be, and the same is hereby established at the town of Gilmer in the county of Upshur. to be denominated the Upshur Masonic College.

SEC. 2. That the following persons having been chosen Trustees of said College are hereby organized as such, to-wit : Stephen W. Beasely, D. L. Neal, John W. Rogers, G. E. Warren. A. W. Wright, William H, Hart and W. O. Barker.

SEC. 3. That the Trustees aforesaid be, and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate in deed and in law, and by the name of the " President and Trustees of the Upshur Masonic College" and by that name, they, and their successors in office shall, and may be capable in law. to receive and hold, use, and have in fee, or for life, or for a term of years all hereditaments and also hold and use all property of any kind whatever, which may be given, granted or bequeathed to them for the purpose of promoting the interest of the said College : provided, the amount of property owned by said corporation shall not exceed one hundred thousand dollars, over and above the buildings, library and apparatus necessary for said College.

SEC. 4. That the Trustees shall have a stated meeting each year, at the time of conferring degrees, and the President of the Board shall have the power to call occasional meetings of the Board whenever he may deem it necessary for the good of said College.

SEC:. 5. That the Trustees of said College shall have a common seal for the business of themselves and their successors in office, and they, by their aforesaid name, may sue and be sued, plead, and he impleaded in all courts of law in this State, and by the consent of two-thirds of said Board, the President thereof may sell and grant any land, tenements, goods or chattels which now or hereafter may belong to said College, and said Board shall have power to construct all necessary buildings for the same, and construct a preparatory department, *and such other dependent institutions as they shall deem necessary, and shall have the management of the finances, the privilege of electing their own sub-officers, of appointing all necessary committees and to act and do all things whatever for the benefit of said College in as ample manner as any person or body politic or corporate can or may do by law.

SEC. 6. That said Trustees shall have power to make all such laws and establish such ordinances as may be deemed necessary for the good management of said College and their own proceedings : provided, the same are not repugnant to the constitution and laws of this State.

SEC. 7. That the head of this College shall be styled the President ; the instructors employed in it the Professors, and the President and Professors or a majority of them, the Faculty of the College, which Faculty shall have power to enforce the . laws adopted by the Trustees for the management of tho College.

SEC. 8. That the President and Professors by and with the consent of the Board of Trustees of said College shall have full power to grant and confer such degrees in arts and sciences to any of the students of said College, or other persons by them deemed worthy, as are usally granted or conferred in other Colleges of learning, to give and grant diplomas signed by them, and sealed with the common seal of the Trustees, to authenticate and perpetuate the memory of such graduation.

SEC. 9. That when any vacancy occurs in said Board of Trustees from any cause, such vacancy shall be filled by the remaining members of the Board.

SEC. 10. When a vacancy occurs in the Presidency or Professorship of said College, the same shall be filled by said Board of Trustees.

SEC. 11. That said Board ot Trustees shall have the power to fix and regulate the salaries of the President and Professors of said College, and a majority of said Board shall hare the power to remove any of them for misconduct, want of capacity, or for such cause as they may deem sufficient.

SEC. 1-2. That no Trustee in this College shall be eligible to the office of President or Professor, nor shall either of them ever act as Trustee.

SEC. 13. That when any law or ordinance is adopted by the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting of the same, the same shall not be altered or repealed by any called meeting unless there is a full Board present.

SEC.. 14. That the Legislature shall have the right at any time upon petition of parties interested to amend so much of this act as has reference to the mode of filling vacancies in the Board of Trustees ; and that this act shall be in force from and after its passage, and shall remain in force twenty years,

Approved February 9, 1860

Laws Passed by the ... Legislature of the State of Texas

by Texas - Session laws - 1860