Marion County Agricultural, Mechanical and Blood Stock Association


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Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That A. H. Montgomery, W. C. Batte, James Arbuckle, George A. Kelly, L. H. Norwood, L. T. Gray, Eli Moore. M. D. K. Taylor, C. F. Moseley, P. M. Graham, V. H. Claiborne, John C. Murphy, John C. Roister, E. Marx, John V. Ford, J. H. Mo Garity, T. B. Goyne, J. W. Russell, K. D. Bateman, E. W. Taylor, J. T Veal, Ward Taylor jr., William Young, B. F. Williams and others, their associates and successors, be and they are hereby declared a body corporate and politic, under the name and style of the " Marion County Agricultural, Mechanical and Blood Stock Association," and by said corporate name shall be capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, contracting and being contracted with, and of doing and performing all things necessary to carry into effect the objects of this act . They shall also hare a common seal.

Sec. 2. That the objects of said association are declared to be the improvement of the breed of domestic animals, and the encouragement of agricultural and mechanical improvements; and for these purposes said association is authorized to purchase, import, breed, exhibit and sell. any kind of domestic animals ; to purchase, import, manufacture, exhibit and sell, such improved machinery and implements as will promote the mechanical, agricultural and manufacturing interests of the people of this state; provided, nothing herein contained shall infringe upon the rights of patentees. For the further purpose of carrying out the objects and purposes above declared, said association is hereby authorized to own the necessary real estate for fair grounds, pastures and farrowing grounds, not to exceed six hundred and forty acres, and to erect upon the same such improvements as may be necessary to carry out the objects of this association. That the fair grounds and other improvements of said association shall be located in the county of Marion, in this State.

Sec. 3. The capital stock of said association shall consist of all its property, real and personal, and shall be divided into shares of twenty dollars each, and that the affairs of said association shall be conducted by a board of directors, to be elected by and from the stockholders of said association, and that said board shall consist of not more than twelve, and a president and vice president, secretary and treasurer, who shall be elected from and by the stockholders of this association. These officers and the board of directors shall make such by-laws, rules and regulations, and appoint such other officers and agents, as may be necessary for the government and conduct of said association.

Sec. 4. Said association shall hold at least one fair in each year at such time as they may select, and shall publish in at least one newspaper in the county a list of premiums to be offered, at least one month before holding said meeting or fair.

Sec. 5. All medal or tokens awarded at such fair shall be engraved as follows: " First premium for , M. C. A., M. and B. S. Association"; provided, however, if they prefer, said society may pay its premiums in money.

Sec. 6. Not exceeding twenty-five per cent, of the value of the premiums offered shall be exacted by said association from owners for the privilege of competing.

Sec. 7. Said association shall keep a seal, engraved thus: M. C. A., M. and B. S. Association."

Sec. 8. The domicile of said association shall be at the city of Jefferson.

Sec. 9. That this act take effect and be in force from and after its passage, and continue in force for the period of thirty years.

Approved May 17, 1871.

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by Texas - 1871