Planters Bank Building & Warehouse. In Jefferson's heyday, riverfront warehouse of firm with St. Louis, New Orleans branches. Date of erection: 1852-62





New York Times Article March 16, 1868 

FIRE IN JEFFERSON, TEXAS. A Large Portion of the Town Destroyed-Loss Over a Milllon Dollars.


Jefferson Ice Manufacturing Company

Jefferson Gas Light Company

Nash Iron Works

Jefferson Real Estate, Trust, and Dollar Savings Company,

Mechanics' Building Association, of Jefferson, Texas

Citizens' Savings Bank of Jefferson

Marion County Agricultural, Mechanical and Blood Stock Association

Jefferson Insurance, Savings and Exchange Company

Excelsior Real Estate and Building Association,

Jefferson Insurance Company

Lake City Cotton and Wool Manufacturing Co

Jefferson Steam Fire Company No. 1 

The Lake City Navigation Company

Defiance Hook and Ladder Company

Caddo Lake Manufacturing Company

Jefferson City Street Railway Company

Lake City Railway Company

Marion County Bayou Navigation Company

Tarver's Ferry