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.Constitutional Convention 1868
12th Texas Legislature Jan 10, 1871
16th Texas Legislature Jan 14, 1879

 Entries from the Journals of the Reconstruction Convention, 1868

  June 5, 1868  

The President announced the following standing committees: Executive-Lindsay, Chairman; Munroe, Phillips. of San Augustine, Rogers, Mills, Boyd, Thomas, Vaughan, Williams.

July 18, 1868

Mr. Williams offered the following declaration, and asked its reference to the Committee on General Provisions: 

Be it declared by the delegates of the people of Texas, in Convention assembled, That all persons shall enjoy equal rights and privileges upon any conveyance of a public character, and all places of business or of public resort, or for which a license is required by either State, county or municipal authority, shall be deemed places of a public character, and shall be opened to the accommodation and patronage of all persons, without distinction or discrimination, on account of race or color. It was so referred.

July 18, 1868

Mr. Ruby asked that Mr. Williams be placed on Committee on General Provisions. It was so ordered.


 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation
Ben Williams  Self   M   Male   B   60   VA   Minister 
Caroline Williams  Wife   M   Female   B   45   MO   Keeping House 
Thomas Williams  Son   S   Male   B   16   TX    
Mary Henderson  Other   W   Female   MU   29   VA   Teaching School 
Kate Henderson  Other   S   Female   MU   11   TX   At School 
Virginia Henderson  Other   S   Female   MU   8   TX   At School 
Willie Henderson  Other   S   Male   MU   6   TX   At School 
Matthew Henderson  Other   S   Male   MU   4   TX    

Fort Bend, Texas