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.Constitutional Convention 1868

Entries from the Journals of the Reconstruction Convention, 1868

  June 2, 1868

Nominations being in order for Assistant Door-keeper,
Mr. A. J. Hamilton nominated Mr. S. McKee.
Mr. Caldwell nominated Mr. L. Chambers.
Mr. M. C. Hamilton nominated Mr. H. Madison
Mr. Scott nominated Mr. J. L. Nicholas.
On telling the ballot Mr. McKee received sixty votes; Mr. L
Chambers one vote; Mr. H. Madison six votes; Mr. J. L. Nichols
seven votes; and Mr. L. Green one vote.
Mr. McKee having received a plurality of votes, was declared
duly elected Assistant Door-keeper


January 22, 1869

Mr. Evans of McLennan moved to add the name of Scipio Mc- Kee. Mr. Hamilton of Travis moved the previous question. Previous question seconded. The question recurred, " Shall the main question be now put?" Main question ordered. The question recurred upon the adoption of the declaration. It was adopted.


February 2, 1869 

February 1, 1869.
Hon. E. J. DAVIS,
President of the Convention:
SIR: The special committee, to whom was referred the charge
made by Hon. Mr. Ruby, of Galveston, against the Assistant Doorkeeper
of this Convention, Scipio McKee, to-wit: that said McKee
did on this morning, first instant, wantonly and without provocation,
violently assault Mr. Ruby on the public street of this city, and
while he was on his way to the capitol. After a full examination
the committee find that the charge preferred is fully sustained by
the evidence, and believing that the only penalty for the offense, so
far as this Convention is concerned, is in the dismissal of the
offender from the service of this body, and that justice to the member
attacked and to the Convention demands this action, respectfully
recommend the adoption of the accompanying resolution.
Respectfully submitted,
Chairman Committee.
Resolved, That Scipio McKee, Assistant Doorkeeper, for committing
a violent and unprovoked assault on the person of Mr. Ruby, a member of this Convention, is hereby dismissed the serviceof this body.
Mr. Hamilton, of Bastrop, moved the previous question.
Previous question seconded.
The question recurred, " Shall the main question be now put ?"
Upon which the yeas and nays were demanded and resulted