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Entries from the Journals of the Reconstruction Convention, 1868

  June 5, 1868

The President announced the following standing committees: Public Debt-Armstrong, of Lamar, Chairman; lHamlilton, of
Bastrop; tarne, Johnson, of Harrison; Kirk, Mundine, Keigwin.

August 11, 1868

Mr. Johnson, of Harrison, introduced the following resolution:
Resolved, That the Secretary be authorized to give James B.
Cassidy a certificate for - dollars, for writing done for the
clerks of the Convention.
On motion the resolution was referred to the Committe on Finance.


December 17, 1868
Mr. Johnson. of Harrison, introduced the following declaration,
and asked its reference to the Committee on Lands:
.Resolved, That the people of Texas in Convention assembled set
apart the sum of fifty-two thousand acres of land for the support of
widows and orphans, and the aged who are not able to support themselves.
Said land shall be designated in the most convenient places,
and not more than one league to the county.
It was so referred.






  Camp, Texas
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation
 Wylie Johnson   Self   M   Male   B   40   TX   Farming 
 Julia Johnson   Wife   M   Female   B   30   AL   K House 
 Lige Johnson   Son   S   Male   B   9   TX    
 Mat Johnson   Dau   S   Female   B   8   TX    
 Tom Johnson   Son   S   Male   B   6   TX    
 Benj. Johnson   Son   S   Male   B   4   TX    
 Stacy Johnson   Dau   S   Female   B   1   TX    
  Johnson   Dau   S   Female   B   3M   TX