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CURTIS, STEPHEN (ca. 1806-?). 

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.Constitutional Convention 1868

Entries from the Journals of the Reconstruction Convention, 1868

  June 5, 1868

The President announced tle following standing committees: Immigration -Degener, Chairman; Schuetze, Foster, Smith, of Marion; Wilson, of Brazoria.; Morse, Curtis

July 22, 1868

  Mr. Ruby moved the suspension of the rules to take up the following resolution, offered by Mr. Curtis: Rules suspended.

  Resolved by the people of Texas in Convention assembled: That a committee of three be appointed by the President of this Convention, to proceed to the town of Millican, for the purpose of investigating the cause of the late disturbance at that place, and report the result thereof to this body; that said committee are invested with full power to summon such witnesses before them, and examine such papers as shall be necessary to elicit the desired information. That any and every Sheriff in the State shall execute any and every process, of whatsoever character that may be issued by said committee. That the sum of five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as shall be necessary, be and the same is hereby appropriated out of the contingent fund of this Convention, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of said committee. That Brevet Major General J. J. Reynolds be and he is hereby respectfully requested to aid said committee in this investigation, by the protection of an adequate escort of cavalry or infantry, as he may direct.

 Mr. Evans, of Titus, moved the resolution be referred to the Judiciary Committee.

July 23, 1868

The President announced the committee to proceed to Millican to enquire into the late disturbances, to be Messrs. Sumner, Curtis and Adams.

July 24, 1868

Mr. Hamilton, of Travis, rose to a privileged question. In the report of the debate upon the Millican disturbance, instead of the language, " I admit that the colored men were wrong," it should have been, " admit that the colored men were wrong:" The President announced the appointment of Mr. Thomas upon the Committee to proceed to Millican in place of Mr. Curtis, declined.




  Canada, Labette, Kansas
 Name  Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
Stephen Curtis   M   Male   75   VA   Carpenter 
Adaline Curtis   M   Female   40   AL   Keeping House 
Eliza Curtis   S   Female   14   TX   Servant 
 Pasthena Curtis   S   Female   11   TX   At Home 
Isaih Curtis   S   Male   8   TX   At Home 
Allice Curtis  S   Female   5   TX   At Home 
Henny Curtis   S   Male   3   TX   At Home 
Arther Curtis   S   Male   1   TX   At Home 
Peter Curtis   S   Male   20   AL   Farm Laborer