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15th Texas Legislature Apr 18, 1876- Wikipedia
Fifteenth Legislature, Regular Session, General Laws PDF
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15th (1876) Legislature African American Legislators -

Walter E. Ripton Walter Moses Burton
Meshack R. Roberts William H. Holland
Henry Sneed




15th Regular Session Apr 18, 1876 Aug 21, 1876    


"Following ratification of the new charter by the voters in 1866, the Eleventh Legislature (1866-67) met from August 6 to November 12, during which time, among other actions, it rejected the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and refused to consider the Thirteenth. After the Congress turned down the new constitution in 1867, no legislative sessions were held until 1870.

After the new constitution went into effect, no further changes in legislative organization or procedures were required by constitutional amendment until 1930, but there were other developments. One was the tradition of a one-term speaker that lasted for over fifty years. The only exception was Speaker John H. Cochranqv who served for two non-consecutive terms (1879-80 and 1893-94). One speaker, A. M. Kennedy of Mexia (1909-10), resigned at the request of the House following an investigation of personnel practices, but he retained his House".


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