Trees Planted by the Water: Early African American Legislators



Handbook of Texas Online: Walter E. Ripetoe
Texas State Library: Walter E. Ripetoe



.15th Texas Legislature Apr 18, 1876
16th Texas Legislature Jan 14, 1879

Harrison County Reserve Militia 93rd Regiment
Company A (Capt. George W. Pascowl), 1870
Company B (Port Caddo Beat, Harrison County) (Capt. Clem McCowen), 1870
Company C (Fork of the Tyler Henderson Road) (Capt. William H. Manson), 1870
Company D (Crop Road/Grass Roads Station) (Capt. George Washington Weatherby), 1870
Company E (Capt. James Grimes), 1870
Company F (Capt. Larkin), 1870
Company G (Harrison County) (Capt. Walter Ripetoe), December 3, 1870
Company H (Port Caddo, Harrison County) (Capt. Austin Gregory), December 7, 1870
Company I (Hallsville, Harrison County) (Capt. Richard Horton), December 12, 1870
Company K (Capt. Fred[erick] Tillmon), 1870