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First Building: " Wyalucing"  a large brick " mansion," was purchased for the sum of $2,500. and used as a teachers residence.




Bishop College Notes  1885 - 1886, The Baptist home mission monthly, Volumes 7-8


The following teachers were appointed  At Bishop College Marshall Texas Miss Beatrice R Fay 



As this article relates to Texas only, leaving the trip into Mexico for subsequent mention, we notice the work among the colored Baptists of Texas, in the interests of which we returned to Marshall in the northeastern part of the State, where Bishop Baptist College is located. The colored people of Texas number about 400,000. Many of them are acquiring homes and property. At Marshall we met Deacon Abner of the colored Baptist church, who, by his own industry and energy, has accumulated probably $25,000 since the war. He is highly esteemed by all classes. His son David Abner, Jr., having about completed his college course, is a professor in the school. We met at the college Rev. A. R. Griggs and Rev Wm. Massey, two of the leading colored ministers of the State, and found them cultivated, broad-minded, earnest Christian men, anxious to do all in their power to advance the educational and religious interests of the colored people.

Bishop College, as many of our readers know, is so called in memory of Dr. Nathan Bishop, of New York, for many years a member of the Board of the Home Mission Society and for about two years Corresponding Secretary. Not long before his death he had expressed his wish in the near future to give $10,000 for the establishment of a school for the colored people of Texas, for whom the Society then was doing nothing in the way of education. After his decease, his widow, ever abounding in good works, placed this sum at the Society's disposal for this purpose. Upon the recommendation of Dr. Marston, who had given much study to the subject of a location, the beautiful and commodious grounds, consisting of about ten acres, on which was a large brick " mansion," was purchased for the remarkably low sum of $2,500. Improvements were made. A large, three-story brick Building for school and dormitory purposes was erected, and the school opened in 1882, under the charge of Pres. S. W. Culver, of Western New York. Associated with him as instructors were Professor Shaver, Miss Culver, Miss Learned, and Mr. Abner. The school quickly gained a reputation for thorough work, and has drawn to itself students from the best people in the State. We were agreeably surprised to find the general average of the students so good.

One object of our visit was to arrange for the erection of a brick dormitory for the young women. There were some exceedingly vexatious things connected with this; but as we write the building approaches completion, and will probably be occupied very early this spring. When this is completed the property will be worth nearly or quite $40,000. Toward the purchase of the property, and for other purposes, the colored Baptists of the State have contributed about $4,000. What a fountain of blessing to the churches and to the people at large such a Christian institution will be. Wise stewards of God are they who make such investments for him, the products of which enrich earth and heaven!





This institution is now in the fourth year of its existence. It has been eminently successful from the first. The educational work, which was at the beginning of necessity largely primary, has steadily advanced to a higher grade, till now the Normal and Higher English take precedence, the primary school being conducted only as a training school—a simple auxiliary to the Normal Department.

The whole number of students in attendance last year was 206, of whom 102 were in the Normal and Higher English course. As a school for teachers, Bishop College already ranks among the very first in the Southwest. Students from this school are sought after for important positions, and much satisfaction has been expressed as to the quality of their work.

Daily lessons in singing and lessons on the piano and organ by competent instructors still further tend to mental discipline and act on the higher nature of pupils with refining tendency.

In the Theological Department the aim has been to impart clear and consistent views of Christian doctrine, and such instruction in the preparation and delivery of sermons as would best fit the student for immediate usefulness in preaching. The number in this department last year was 17. This year, thus far there have been seven; more will doubtless come in before the session closes, and the number may equal or exceed that of last year.

But the biblical work of the school is not limited to the theological class. The Bible is a regular text-book for daily class-exercise. All the students are expected to take part in this study. Special effort is made to bring out the thought of the inspired writer with clearness and force, and to impress it upon the mind of the student. The practical and experimental aspects of Christian doctrine and ethics are applied, personally, with a view to the conversion of the sinner and the growth in grace of the professing Christian. This work, supplemented by the weekly prayer meeting, the Sunday school, and the Sunday evening preaching service, has borne good fruit. The number of professed conversions last year was 29. This year, thus far, there have been no conversions; but there has been a growing religious interest, and nearly every unconverted student has expressed before his school-mates the desire that he may become a Christian ; so that there is good reason to hope for results similar to those of last year.

It will thus be seen that the work of this institution is pre-eminently that of a Christian education. It is, in fact, the most efficient kind of missionary work. For its most successful prosecution all the facilities are needed that are required for educational institutions for white students. Special contributions are the only resources for procuring the means for this purpose. Some thousands of dollars, are yet needed for finishing and furnishing the girls' dormitory building, now being erected. There is also needed about everything to make the industrial department, now scarcely more than begun, what it is designed to be.

Now let the reader reflect that this is the only institution of the kind for the more than 100,000 colored Baptists of the great Southwest, and the many thousands more socially connected with them, and he cannot fail to discern the imperative need, which appeals more eloquently than any words, to the motives which inspire deeds of intelligent Christian benevolence.



Bishop College, Marshall, Texas.


The fifth annual session of Bishop College has thus far been characterized with the success which has attended the institution hitherto. There has been a larger number of boarders in attendance than during the corresponding term of any previous year. Religious interest developed rapidly from the first, and a goodly number of the students declared themselves anxious for their own salvation. Thanksgiving day was celebrated by the baptism of four of our students who thus professed their faith in Christ. The prayer meetings have been characterized by deep religious interest, and there is every reason to hope for the best results in this respect during the coming terms.

The educational work tasks every energy of the reduced force of teachers. The prospect is that there will be a large attendance during the winter and spring. The number of girls has been nearly sufficient for the occupancy of all the rooms furnished in Bishop Hall. But little of the fund for furnishing remains. Much more is needed. There are yet twenty-six rooms to furnish.

We have learned with much satisfaction that our more advanced students were, during the last summer vacation, engaged in work for the good of their people. Most of them were teaching, and, in connection with this, were working earnestly in the temperance cause, or establishing and building up Sab bath school interests ; and, in one instance, two who were teaching near each other united their efforts in religious meetings, the result of which was about eighty conversions. Such facts speak for themselves, as to the character and ability of our work. The work done here is like the seed that is destined to spring up and bear fruit a hundred fold.



At Bishop College Marshall Texas a girls dormitory of brick 42 feet wide 96 long three stories high with a spacious basement story has cost $17,000 It was dedicated April 23d and will be known as Bishop Hall in honor of her whose gifts for this purpose have been so generous 




The fifth annual session of this institution closed May 27th with appropriate rhetorical and elocutionary exercises, interspersed with vocal and instrumental music. A goodly number of white people were present, among whom were prominent citizens of Marshall, who expressed themselves as interested and delighted. The remark was volunteered that some of the orations would have done credit to white College graduates Those who gave them, however, were only just ready to enter the College Course.

The total attendance has been scarcely larger than last year; but I judge the average attendance has been considerably larger, and a larger number have remained in school nearly or quite the whole session. The number of boarders has ranged from 75 to 80 during the past five months. This department has been conducted with the greatest economy consistent with plentiful supplies of good quality, and the result has been entire satisfaction on the part of students, and a goodly remittance sent to the Home Mission Rooms In the Musical Department the number of pupils has been the largest that could possibly be accommodated at the musical instruments. Others would have been taken had there been instruments for their practice. The Theological Class has been the largest yet, and among the number were ministers of experience as pastors, some of them moderators of their associations, and of great influence among their people. A systematic course of instruction has been pursued, and the results though far from complete, have been quite satisfactory. The Bible Study for the School has gone on through the session, and students have shown a commendable spirit of enquiry, have given persistent attention, and in many instances have manifested devout earnestness. The Divine blessing has rested on the religious work of the school, and twenty-one have been hopefully converted. Such is a brief resume of the work.

But in estimating its importance, it is to be borne in mind, that it supplies, not a mere local want, but that it is the one Baptist institution of high grade for the great Southwest. During the last session students have come from 35 counties in Texas, 5 in Arkansas, and 5 parishes in Louisiana. It is safe to say that many of these students go out to become centres of Christian enlightenment among their people, so that the work of the school is thus continued in distant localities and is thereby destined to be multiplied a hundred, nay a thousand fold. Meantime opposition, both among the white and colored people, which has been encountered heretofore, is slowly dying out or becoming ashamed of its own absurdity, and the outlook is decidedly promising for a large attendance next session.



The following re-appointments were made :

" David Abner, Jr., Colored People in Texas.

The following teachers were appointed:

Bishop College Marshall Texas Rev SW Culver Pres Prof FD Shaver Rev D Abner Jr Miss Rose Fowler Mrs SW Culver Miss Myrtie A Culver 




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