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Bessie Coleman

Bessie Coleman has the distinction of being the first black person in the world to become a licensed pilot.


George Edward Foreman

George Edward Foreman is an American two-time former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Olympic gold medalist, ordained Baptist minister, author and successful entrepreneur. 


Ollice Maloy, Jr

Ollice Maloy, Jr., the first African American assistant district attorney in Texas (Tarrant County).


Marcellus C. Cooper

In 1894 Marcellus C. Cooper of Dallas became the first black dentist in Texas.


Slavery in Waco
Fayette County
Urban Slavery
 The Peculiar Institution of Slavery in Central Texas
President Guerrero's Edict Abolishing Slavery
Slave Insurrections
Texas Troubles
Texas  Slave Codes 
June 19, 1865. Major-General Granger announces freedom for the slaves in Texas.
The Peoples
Former Slaves In Texas Digital Image
The Slave Narratives of Texas Index
All God's Children Got Wings
Texas Slave Narratives
Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938
Abstracts from Texas Slave Narratives Bexar County
Texas Slave Families
The Residents of Texas, 1782-1836
DeWitt Colony People & Demographics-Slavery
Choosing A Life of Slavery
Slavery as Memory and History
No Land . . . Only Slaves!
Race & Slavery Petitions Project > Petitions & Transcripts
The Southern Debate over Slavery. Table of Contents
Out of the Ditch, a True Story of an Ex-slave.
A Home for Judith
The Other Pioneers: Notes on Slaves and Slavery in Brazos County
Largest Slaveholders of 1860 and African-American
Correspondence Concerning Slavery in Texas
Slaves in Mexico
Native Mexican Tejanos on Slavery
The Underground Railroad: A Study of the Routes From Texas to ...
Across the Rio to Freedom: U.S. Negroes in Mexico
Fugitive Slaves in Mexico
Mexico welcomed fugitive slaves and African American
Slavery in Mexico
Free Persons of Color
Hendrick Arnold- African American Patriot of the Texas Revolution
Yellow Rose of Texas
Who was the inspiration for "The Yellow Rose of Texas?"
Emily West - "The Yellow Rose of Texas" 
Free Blacks
Ashworth Act
Free Negro in Harris County Texas
Free Negro in the Republic of Texas
Free Negro in the Republic of Texas II
Free Negro in the Republic of Texas III
Free Negro in the Republic of Texas Chapter IV
Free Negro in the Republic of Texas Chapter V
Free Negro in the Republic of Texas Chapter VI

Heman Marion Sweatt

Before there was Brown v. Board of Education, there was Sweatt v. Painter, a U.S. Supreme Court case that successfully contested the "separate but equal" notion of racial segregation.