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Appointed Commissioners April 27th, 1846

Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That George B. Medlin, Col. Edwards, John Stephens, Betsil, - Brooks and Henry Patrick, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners, to select two eligible places for the county seat of said county, neither of which shall be more than five miles from the centre thereof, which places shall be submitted to public election, at such time and places as may be directed by law; and the place receiving the majority of the legal votes cast at said election, shall be the county seat of said county, and shall be known and called by the name of Gilmer; and the said commissioners are hereby empowered to purchase land, not to exceed one hundred and sixty acres in quantity, and to receive by donation, any amount for said county, for the purpose of erecting public buildings and defraying other necessary expenses.

"The county was organized that fall when District Judge 0. M. Roberts, the future governor, held court at the home of William H. Hart in December, 1846. Elias Bishop served as the district clerk, Gillington C. Patillo, sheriff, and Hart as county clerk."

Reflections of Upshur County, Texas
by Mary Laschinger Kirby






County Government  Officials 1860


Assessor and Collector A B Benton  
Sheriff Alex Earp  
County Clerk G E Warren  
Chief Justice J M Simpson  
County Surveyor S P Scott  
Gilmer Postmaster Thos White and JM Glasco  



County  Government  Officials 1876-77


County Judge TJ Lowe  
County Clerk JM Marshall  
District Clerk JA Derrick  
County Attorney JD Peteet  
Sheriff JW Hacker  
Assessor of Taxes J Lindsey  
Collector of Taxes T Kennard  
County Treasurer AB Denton  
County Surveyor JM Glasco  


County Government  Officials Elected November 4, 1884



County Officials  Elected November 5, 1912




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