Upshur Historical Maps



This map represent the area of northeast  Texas that would later be carved into counties including Upshur county.


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1849 Northeastern Texas  Map of northeastern Texas showing newly organized  Upshur county. Its neighbors, Camp, Gregg, Marion, and, Wood counties didn't exist in 1849.

1866 Upshur County If you look closely you can see the stagecoach routes on this map

1896 Northeastern Texas

1914 Upshur County All of  the railroads that transverse Upshur county are represented in this 1914 map in one form or another.

1921 Upshur County   Courtesy of the University of Alabama Map Library

1939 General Highway Map, Upshur County, Gregg County, Texas

1961 General Highway Map, Upshur County, Texas

1981 Big Sandy - Topographic Map  (University of Texas Map Collection)

1996 Upshur County  "Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin."

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