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An Act to create and provide for the organization of the County of Gregg, (named in honor of the late General John Gregg.)

Section I. Be It enacted by the Legislature of The State of Texas, That a new county, to be called Gregg county, is hereby established out of the following portion of Upshur county, bounded as follows: Beginning at the south east corner of Upshur county in the center of Sabine river, thence north to Little Cypress, thence up said Cypress to the mouth of Glade creek, thence up said creek to the road running from Marshall to Gilmer, thence direct to the corner of Rusk and Smith counties on the Sabine river, thence down said river with its meanderings to the place of beginning, containing four hundred and twenty square miles; provided, the line of said new county shall not approach nearer than twelve miles of Gilmer.

Sec. 2. That John F. Witherspopn, T. A. Harris, "William Wilburn, Solomon Await, Britton Buttrill, John Page, H. G. Williams, are hereby appointed commissioners with full powers to organize said county; to employ a competent surveyor to run the lines of said county. one copy of said survey to be recorded in the office of the district clerk, at the county site of said county, and one copy to be filed with the Secretary of State at Austin. And said commissioners, or a majority of them, shall. as soon as practicable, after said survey has been made, meet in the town of Longview and proceed to divide said county into five precincts ; said commissioners, or a majority of them, shall then order an election for a justice of the peace for each precinct, and for a sheriff, a clerk of the District Court, a treasurer, and surveyor, for said county of Gregg, who shall hold their term of office for four years, and until the next general election thereafter for county officers. Said commissioners shall give at least twenty days notice of said election, by posting notices thereof in three prominent places in each precinct of said county. Said election shaft be held at the town of Longview, and shall continue four days, and shall be conducted in conformity with the laws regulating elections in this State ; and for the purpose of carrying into effect the provisions of this act, said board of commissioners are hereby invested with all the powers conferred upon judges and commissioners of elections by the laws of this State. And said Commissioners shall make return of said election to the Secretary of State, at Austin, within ten days after the close of said election, and shall retain a copy of the same for record in the office of the district cleric at the county seat of said county of Gregg. Upon receipt of said returns by the Secretary of State, it shall be the duty of the Governor to issue, without delay, a commission to those receiving the highest number of votes for the several offices herein named, in accordance with said returns, after they have qualified according to law.

Sec. 3. That at an election to be held at the same time and place, and to be governed by the same rules and regulations, as provided for in section (2) two of this bill, the people of the said county of Gregg shall determine by ballot upon what point shall be the county seat, and should any one place so voted for receive a majority of all the votes cast at said election, the same shall be the county seat of the said county, but should two or more places be voted for, and no one of said places receive a majority of all the votes cast, then it shall be the duty of the aforesaid commissioners to hold another election. They shall give ten days notice of the same, at which said election the two places having received the largest number of votes at the previous election, shall be voted for, and the place receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared by said commissioners as the county seat until otherwise provided for by law.

Sec. 4. That until the election and qualification of the officers herein mentioned, the business of the new county of Gregg shall be transacted at the county seat of Upshur county.

Sec. 5. That after their organization, the County Court of the said county of Gregg are hereby authorized to levy and collect a special tax, not to exceed one-half of one per cent., for the purchase of lots and erection of suitable public buildings for said county of Gregg, said tax to be collected in two annual installments.

Sec. 6. That this act shall take effect from and after its passage.

Passed April 12, 1873.

[NOTE.—The foregoing act was presented to the Governor of Texas for his approval on the first day of May, A. D. 1873, and was not signed by him or returned to the house in which it originated, with his objections thereto, within the time prescribed by the Constitution, and thereupon became a law without his signature.—James P. N:Ewcomb, Secretary of State.]


.An Act concerning the admission of Attorneys and Counsellors-at-Law to practice in the Supreme Court.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature

Laws Passed by the ... Legislature of the State of Texas‎ - Page 37

by Texas - Session laws - 1873
... out of the following portion of Upshur county, bounded as follows :
Beginning at the south east corner of Upshur county in the center of Sabine
river, ...
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