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Violet Ludlow

The Murder of Lewis Rhiden



There is cause for hope of an ultimate adjustment of the race problem, in the fact that the Negroes are showing some power of resistance to white persecution. If large groups of negroes have learned enough in the army about their own value and power, so that they are ready to defend themselves unitedly against criminal assaults from the whites, these assaults will be far less frequent. The first fruit of this new attitude of the Negroes may be seen in the following dispatch from Gilmer, Texas: "Four white men charged with lynching Chilton Jennings, a Negro, here on July 24, were arrested to-day after investigation by the Upshur County Grand Jury." If the four men are convicted, it may establish a precedent for which a few " race-riots " is not too large a price to pay.

It is to be hoped, however, that the Negroes will realize that the economic problem, the problem of exploitation and class rule in general, lies in the heart of the race problem, and that it is more important for them to join revolutionary organizations of the general proletariat than the special organizations of their race. ( Issue of September, 1919, page 7.) 

Legislative Document - Page 1263

by New York (State). Legislature- 1921