Afro-American Ministers





Bishop M. F. Jamison

Ministers  1880 U.S. Census
Daniel Shuman 30 years olds, born in Alabama, Minister Baptist Precinct 3    
Daniel Berjamine 54 years olds, born in Georgia, Methodist Minister Precinct 3
Thomas B. Cooper 35 years olds, born in Missouri, Baptist Minister  Precinct 3
Pratt Smith 40 years olds, born in Virginia, Methodist Minister Precinct 3
Virgil Brown 23 years olds, born in Louisiana, Baptist Minister Precinct 3
Summers Whiteheat 31 years olds, born in Arkansas, Farming & Preaching Precinct 3  
Cosum Lester 54 years olds, born in South Carolina, Preacher Precinct 5
Anthony Williams 35 years olds, born in Tennessee, Preacher Precinct 5
Charles Clark 55 years olds, born in Virginia, Preacher Precinct 5
William Viney 37 years olds, born in Ohio, Preacher 1st Ward, Jefferson
John Jackson 36 years olds, born in. South Carolina, Preacher 4th Ward, Jefferson  
Awburn Wealler  40 years olds, born in Alabama, Preacher 4th Ward, Jefferson
Mckinsee 40 years olds, born in Texas, Preaching 4th Ward, Jefferson
Source: 1880 U.S. Census  


The Jimplecute Article July 24, 1889

About one-third of our colored populated went down to Judea Church in the Bend Sunday The occasion was a somewhat remarkable one being the funeral services of seven children of Rev Chas Clark, all of whom have died in the past twelve months.


List Of Afro-American Baptists Ordained Ministers-ca 1901
 Nelson Beckham, Jefferson.

John Conley, Jefferson.

T. B, Cooper, Kellyville.


The Jimplecute Article July 23, 1904

Death Of A Good Colored Woman

     The Jimplecute regrets to learn of the death of Rev. C. C. Clark’s wife, which occurred suddenly at her home near Smithland in the 11th inst. Rev. Clark and wife had been married fifty-two years and had lived in Marion County all thirty years. She was the mother of fifteen children, had been a member of the Baptist Church for over forty years, and was one of the leading mission workers of the church in that section, being the first one in the County District Association. She was the president of the Bellevue Mission Society.


The Jimplecute Article August 20, 1904

    "Rev C C Clark
Trustee of, colored, Dist No 5 has tendered his resignation to take effect at once Same has been accepted the vacancy to be filled in lure Munch Bailey, colored, has qualified as trustee of Dist No 6 he having been elected at last Trustee election."


The Jimplecute Article August 27, 1904

A Serious Charge

     One day last week, Rev. C. C. Clark, colored, a veteran Baptist minister at Smithland was brought to Jefferson under the charge of causing the death of his wife who died rather sudden several weeks since. It is said he was whipping his daughter when his wife begged him to stop and he grabbed his wife and choked her from which, she died in a short time. He was given a hearing before Justice Todd and placed under a bond. It is serious charge, but some believe he will prove his innocence when the trial comes up.


The Jimplecute Article February 18, 1905


We, the undersigned ministers of the town of Jefferson, Marion county, Texas do hereby issue a call to the ministers of the county regardless of denomination or color, to meet at the county courthouse Wednesday March 15,1905, at 1 o'clock p m to devise ways and means for the promotion of the best interest and advancement of Christ's Kingdom within the bounds of our county.

Business of great importance is to come before the body and it is urged that every minister, white and colored, make a special effort to be present.

Signed: Rev J D Stringer,
Pastor Howelton Baptist Church
Rev Jno W Holt,
Pastor M E Church South
Rev Jno H Bellot,
Pastor Presbyterian Church
 Rev D B Hale,


The Jimplecute Article April 01, 1905
The street preachers, both white and colored, have held forth on corner of Polk and Lafayette most of the week with open air meetings.


The Jimplecute Article August 18, 1906

Colored Baptists in Session

The Texas and Louisiana Colored Baptist Association is in session in Jefferson since Thursday There are about 300 preachers deacons and delegates in attendance with Moderator Mont Moore and Secretary T C Bledsoe On Sunday the number is expected to increase to about 500 The delegates are being accommodated by the colored citizens


The Jimplecute Article September 15, 1906

Lost Woman 
Jannie Wraney, colored, disappeared from the church Sunday night leaving her children alone and it is supposed that she might be dead. Would like for the officers of this and adjacent country to be on the lookout for her.
Rev Richard Bentley


The Jimplecute Article April 17, 1908,
A big meeting has been going on at the Macedonia Baptist Church colored conducted by Rev Jackson of Pittsburg and we are requested to state that a baptising will be held near the church at the old baptising place in the river Sunday afternoon at o'clock.


The Jimplecute Article The Jimplecute Article May 22, 1908
Our old colored subscriber and long-time Baptist preacher, the Rev. C C Clark of Smithland, has the proud record of having baptised 1007 people, and officiating at 101 weddings and still opera ting in the same fields of endeavor.


The Jimplecute Article June 19, 1908

I G Gilham
, a worthy colored teacher preacher and farmer while in renewing his Jimp, said he had a fine stand of young corn and all indications were that he will make a good crop


The Jimplecute Article October 02, 1908

A Big Assembly 

The Northeast Texas Association of Colored Baptists are here this week-in annual session And a large number of prominent ministers and delegates are here. The sessions are being held in the Macedonia Church of this city


The Jimplecute Article November 13, 1908, Image 1
MEMORIAL SERVICE To the memory of our beloved pastor, Rev James H Jackson, to be held with the Macedonia Baptist church Jefferson, Texas, Dec 1st, 1908.

Devotional exercises, conducted by U Perry

Song "Glory to His Name"

Rev James H Jackson as a leader, Rev T E George, response, Deacon I Tate

As a Pastor, Mrs M J Smith

As a S S worker, Miss Ella Thomas, response, V Pryor

Song by the choir, "Nearer My God to Thee"

As a worker in the Home Mission Society, Mrs T M Murphy

A Great Man has Fallen, Rev C S Williams

As a Preacher, Rev J V Crane, response, M J Smith

Face to Face, Mrs T E Speed

As a Bible Scholar, Rev I G Gillam

Song by the choir ,"Meet me there"

As a worker for his Race, Rev A L Wright, response, J Baylis

Solo, Miss A R Cole

As a friend to education, Prof J C Pitts, response, Prof J Atkins

Rev James H Jacksons, S S class catechized by Mrs M J Smith

His Life, Rev M M?? ler response Deacon H Walker

Song by the choir, "Shall we Meet"

1st Psalms of David, Rev J E Adams

Committee J W Crane, Chm, Ella Thomas, Alice Walker, M J Crawford, I G Gil lam, J Baylis, M J Smith, Sec.



The Jimplecute Article January 08, 1909

Sunday Schools Reported

The attendance was good in all the Sunday Schools Sunday and collections good Let all strive to have a larger attendance Sunday.

                                     Attendance          Offering
First Baptist                    64                         4 06
First Methodist               58                       15 92


Berea Baptist                     27                     135
Macedonia Baptist           24                        63
Union Baptist                     45                    4 38

We want all the Sunday Schools in the city to get in their reports, as we believe it will help to increase the attendance. So let us hear from each school.


The Jimplecute Article March 05, 1909
Sunday Schools Reported

Sunday was a very mild and pleasant day for Sunday School goers and a good attendance is shown at all churches who sent in their attendance.

                                     Attendance          Offering
First Methodist                  56                     2 40
First Baptist                       57                     190

Mt Ira Baptist                     35                       75
Macedonia Baptist           31                       82

We want all the Sunday Schools in the city to get in their reports, as we believe it will help to increase the attendance. So let us hear from each school.


The Jimplecute Article June 11, 1909, Image 3
General State meeting of Baptists, colored, for purpose of sending missionaries to Africa and other state matters will meet In Jefferson, June 17th. A large number of delegates are expected to be in attendance.


The Jimplecute Article June 11, 1909, Image 3
District Board No 1 of Unity Association is in session at Mt Ira Baptist church. Some 200 ministers and deacons are in attendance.


The Jimplecute Article July 09, 1909

41 Baptised

A big revival going on at St Paul M E Church, colored. was the result of a baptising of 41 converts last Sunday afternoon at the "correll" west of city in Big Cypress The pastor, C S Williams, performed the ceremony. The meeting is continuing and more conversions which may mean another baptising Sunday.


The Jimplecute Article August 20, 1909

The Marshall District Conference for 1909 of the M E church colored held their conference in Marshall three days this week A large number of delegates go over on No 5 today at a special rate of 50 cents has been made for them


The Jimplecute Article March 24, 1911

District Board No 1 of the Unity Baptist Association, colored, are meeting at Mt Pleasant five miles south of Jefferson today and will be in session over There are 75 or 80 delegates to be in attendance.


The Jimplecute Article June 09, 1911, Image 3

There will be a big Prohibition Rally Tuesday night at St Paul M E church at which time all prohibitionists and friends of the cause are urged to come out to this rally. Our white friends, the ministers, and ladies are respectfully invited to meet with us. We ask their aid and cooperation in this great fight for Statewide prohibition.

Rev J P Belcher, Rev Richard Bentley, Rev Jonas Evans, Committee


The Jimplecute Article June 16, 1911, Image 3

The colored voters were called upon to meet and organize for a Prohibition Rally. In response they met at St Paul M E church June 13.

After some excellent speeches made by some of the best white citizens of Jefferson and responded to by some of the colored citizens, Rev G S Williams was chosen chairman of the county and the following constitutes the executive committee, colored, of Marion county:

Rev J P Belcher Chairman of committee, Jefferson

J L Crawford, Route 6, Jefferson

H Montgomery, Route 6 Jefferson

Tobe Davis, Route 6, Jefferson

Wm Gipson, Route 6, Jefferson 

Rev Sam Dixon, Route 6, Jefferson.

W H Bell, Smithland, Texas

A Grant, Smithland, Texas

Rev Rose, Smithland, Texas

Rev J L Tyler, Lodi,Texas

Rev Mohane, Lassater, Texas.

Prof J C Holomon, Lassater, Texas.

Rev S A Andrews, Coffeyville, Texas.

S W Williams, Kellyville, Texas.

A E Norris, Kellyville, Texas.

George Washington, Lodwick, Texas.

J H Brown, Route 1, Jefferson, Texas.

Lee McCoy, Jefferson, Texas.

W H McCane, Secretary


The Jimplecute Article August 11, 1911, Image 3
Marshall District Conference 

The Marshall District Texas Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, colored, of this denomination will meet in a joint session with the District Conference. W H M S, Ladies Aid Society, Epworth League, and Sunday School Convention at St Paul M E Church at Jefferson, Texas, August 29, to Sept 3th 1911. The Pastor Rev J P Belcher and his good people are working faithful for the entertainment of five hundred delegates

J B Belcher, Pastor


The Jimplecute Article August 25, 1911

The colored people of Mt Ira Baptist Church had baptising Sunday afternoon. Pastor Ellis baptised four people.


The Jimplecute Article September 01, 1911, Image 3

The Jefferson and Northwestern Railroad will run a special train, Thursday, Sept 7th, to carry the delegates and messengers of the Unity Association, colored, which meets with the Floyd Valley church at Cussetta, from 7:10. The train takes the delegates to Luanna, a station about three miles of the church. The delegates will reach Jefferson via M K T and T P Thursday morning and special will leave soon after their arrival.


The Jimplecute Article September 01, 1911, Image 3
The M E District Conference, colored, is in session in Jefferson this week at St Paul church. There are some four hundred delegates and visitors in attendance and they are having a very interesting meeting.


The Jimplecute Article October 06, 1911
The Northeast Texas Baptist Association, colored, which met at New Zion Baptist Church, nine miles west of Jefferson, last week Elected Rev P C Johnson, Moderator, and W P Garmon, Secretary, both of Marion county


The Jimplecute Article October 06, 1911, Image 2
Rev J P Belcher, pastor of St Paul M E Church was on the committee to meet Booker T Washington, the great colored educator when he spoke in Marshall Tuesday and Rev Belcher states that the crowd who assembled to hear him was near ten thousand and a good number of white people were present



Image Source: Sermons, Addresses and Reminiscences and Important Correspondence, With a Picture Gallery of Eminent Ministers and Scholars
Nashville, Tenn.: National Baptist Publishing Board, 1901. 322 p.