The Struggle - Racial And Political Violence in Marion County, Texas


Worse than Slavery
by Thomas Nast 




August 29, 1866 - Murder of Two Soldiers From The 80th United States Colored Infantry

May, 1867.- Murder of Rough Alexander

July, 1868 - CConspiracy To Assassinate Aaron Grigsby

August 25, 1868 - Marion County Justiice Campbell reports to Governor Pease about Ku Klux Klan activity in and about Jefferson

October, 1868 - Murder of George Washington Smith and two Freedmen The Stockade Case

November 4, 1868. - Report of Brevet Major General J. J. Reynolds, Commanding Fifth Military District 

1877- House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d ... - Page 168
Colored people killed and wounded in Marion County, Texas, from 1871 to 1875 — killed and wounded by white men.  Wash. Porter, 1874; Miss M. Bateman, killed, 1875; Henry Layland, killed, July , 1875; Jewry Pottes, killed, 1875; two men found dead, April, 1875 ; a women found dead, 1875 ; George Hill, killed, October, 1874. A large number of colored men killed, that we are unable to call their names, in 1874 and 1875, and a very large number of colored, that we cannot call their names, in the year 1871, 1872, and 1873.


The Lynching Calendar
25* unidentified blacks murdered Jefferson Texas July 4 1868

George Smith lynched Jefferson Texas October 1 1868

Henry Scott lynched Jefferson Texas May 17 1894

3 unidentified black men lynched Jefferson Texas November 15 1900

David Lee lynched Jefferson Texas January 8 1914


The bee. (Washington, D.C.) 1882-1884, June 30, 1883, Image 1
A band of 150 masked men rode up to the jail at Jefferson, Texas, on Tuesday night, took out the negro, Douglass, charged with criminally assaulting Mrs. Rogers, put him on a horse and rode rapidly away. Yesterday morning Douglass was found hanging to a tree with four bullet holes through his head.


Sacramento daily record-union. (Sacramento [Calif.]) 1875-1891, July 07, 1883, Image 1
 Important Witness Murdered. WASHINGTON, July 6th.— Attorney General has received a telegram from Edward Guthridge, United States Attorney, dated Mineola Tex., saying that Charles Haughn, late County Judge of Marion county, Texas, and the principal witness in the Marion county election cases, was murdered on the 3d inst., as supposed by parties indicted in the United States Cut. The Attorney General instructed Guthridge to examine carefully and report fully upon the circumstances of the murder. 


Daily globe. (St. Paul, Minn.) 1878-1884, July 10, 1883, Image 1  
THE ASSASSINATION OF JUDGE HAUGH. Washington, July 7.—The department of justice has received further information from Jefferson, Texas, relative to the assassination of Judge Haugh, the main witness for the government in the impending cases for violation of the election laws. Written threats have been made by defendants in these cases to the effect that they will not be prosecuted by the government ;that when they go into court they will go armed, and if the trial should result in conviction they will kill the court and everybody connected with it. The assassination of Judge Haugh has given rise to considerable uneasiness there, and it is not known how soon others may go the same way. The writer asks that his name be not used in this matter, for should it be known he would not live to see the sun shine again.


J. A. R. Moseley, "Citizens White Primary of Marion County", Volume 49, Number 4, Southwestern Historical Quarterly Online,


Cochise review. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1900-1901, November 21, 1900, Image 1  
THE TEXAS LYNCHING. AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 20. Governor Sayers' attention was called to the lynching of three negro at Jefferson, Texas, night before last by mob of 1,000 white men. The state authorities will make a rigid, investigation of the affair, and if the members of the mob can be indentified they will be arrested and prosecuted. It is claimed that the lynching was without justification, us the guilt of the negroes, who were charged with having brutally assaulted a white citizen of the town, was not established.


Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 16, 1900, Image 3  
Three Negroes Lynched Jefferson Texas Nov 15
Three negroes who had been arrested for waylaying and attempting to kill Mr Stallcup were taken from the jail last night by unknown persons and hanged to the railroad bridge across Cypress bayou. The negroes had confessed to the crime. The mob that did the hanging overpowered the jailer and cut the telephone line so that the jailer could not communicate with the sheriff.





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