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Freeman House Once owned by R. E. Rowell (1826-1900), a former doctor in the Confederate Army , who later served as county treasurer.


Collector of The War Tax for 1861 Marion and Cass

James H Hosack



An Act creating the county of Marion February 8, 1860.

Sec. 3. That D. S. McKay, James T. Sharp and Eli Moore be and are hereby appointed Commissioners, with full power and authority to organize the said county of Marion



Following is a list of the first county officials. These men was installed on March 24, 1860.
County Commissioner John B. Finley  
County Commissioner C. F. Moseley  
County Commissioner W.H. Haywood  
County Commissioner Henry Mims  
County Clerk L.T. Gray  
District Clerk L. R. Bayliss  
Chief Justice Sharick R. Eggers  
Sheriff N.A. Birge  
Assessor and Collector C. W. Stewart  
Coroner J. R. Layne  
County Treasurer John k. Cocke  
County Surveyor P. M. Graham  



Note No. 1 Captain William Perry Marker Text
A respected community leader, he served as mayor of Jefferson from 1863 to 1864.



1869 Election Returns





County Officials 1876-77    
County Judge C Haughn  
County Clerk PF Brinck  
District Clerk WFJ Graham  
County Attorney ED Gutneridge  
Sheriff TM Bagby  
Assessor of Taxes HA Cu?ser  
Collector of Taxes TM Bagby  
County Treasurer CM Campbell  
County Surveyor CFL Smith  



Extracted from 1880 Census
S. M. Hagerty 31 TX Dep.Sheriff     
Frank Malloy 24 WI  District Clerk    
Charles Haughn 40 OH County Atty    
J. M. Thomas 38 MO City Marshall    
A. G. Malloy 44 IRE Internal R. C.     
Willie Malloy 20 WI  Clerk In R.C.D    
Fed Malloy  10 WI  At School     
P. F. Brinck 24 LA  Clerk Co. Court    
C. N. Campbell 30 TN Co. Treasurer    
Ed Gutneridge 33 IRE Dist. Atty    
W. C. Brinck 23 LA   Depty Co. Court     
John Grant 50  IN  Justice Peace    
John Subine 25 TX  Dept. Sheriff    
Horace Welch 57 NY  Shiriff    
Patrick Mathuer 48 IRE Policeman   B
Holmes Warren 31 AL Surveyor    
Hamilton Walker 21 TX Dept. Sheriff   B
Mose Crawford 30 VA Constable   MU



County Officials Elected November 4, 1884



County Officials  



County Officials 1902
County Judge T D Rowell  
County Clerk W F Jones  
County Attorney B H Epperson  
County Treasurer B J Benefield  
County Surveyor T N Lackett
Sheriff W S Haywood  
Collector of Taxes L G Braden  
Assessor of Taxes Davis Biggs  
 Morrison & Fourmy Directory Co. Directory of the City of Waco, 1902-1903



County Officials Elected November 5, 1912



County Officials 1918
County Judge P G Henderson  
County Clerk L E Purssell  
County Attorney C C Hines  
County Treasurer Davis Biggs  
County Surveyor J V Breashear
Sheriff W S Terry  
Collector of Taxes Arch Mckay  
Assessor of Taxes J F Kirkland  
 Polk's Morrison & Fourmy Austin City Directory, 1918



County Officials 1922
County Judge R J Noonan  
County Clerk L E Pursell  
County Attorney A G Schulter  
County Treasurer Davis Biggs  
County Surveyor E S Hull
District Clerk D Wurtsbugh
Collector of Taxes Arch Mckay  
Assessor of Taxes J H Faviell  
Sheriff W S Terry  
Polk's Morrison & Fourmy Austin City Directory, 1922



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