1869 Election Returns For Marion County





1869 Election For The State Of Texas

Election Tuesday, the 30th day of November, 1869, and to continue during the first, second, and third days of December, 1869




Number of registered voters in Marion County, 1868    

White 741
Afro-American 1353
Total 2,094



.Tabular statement showing number of votes cast in Marion County for and against the constitution, and for State officers 




[General Orders No. 179.]

Headquarters Fifth Military District,

State Of Texas, Austin, Texas, October 8, 1869.

The following appointments of registrars for the purpose of conducting the revision of the registration lists and holding the election ordered in General Orders No. 174, current series, from this headquarters, are hereby announced :

Marion County.—Horace Welch ; Charles Haughn ; Leonas Greenleaf



Members of Congress.

Statement showing number of votes for  the House of Representatives 

B. F. Grafton 1,067

John C. Conner 218

J F Johnson 79

R H Taylor    `



For clerk of district court.—W. H. Johnson, 1,041; H. A. Stealey, 205; J. S. D. Weatherall, 111.

For sheriff.—J. H. Roberts, 1,077; J. H. McGarity, 261; W. G. Rives, 2.

For justice of the peace.—
Precinct No. 1, John Memis, 17; W. K. Barnes, 7; John Taylor, 1; John Williams, 1; Wm. Hodge, 1.
Precinct No. 2, J. Harris, 80; A. J. D. Garrad, 27; J. A. Hood, 1.
Precinct No. 3, Chas. Haughn, 606; Wm. Hodge, 207; John G. Jones, 49.
Precinct No. 4, John Taylor, 84; J. A. Hood, 17; J. D. Todd, 6; B. M. Giles, 3.
Precinct No. 5, Wm. C. StaJkoph, 114; B. Giles, 3; S. W. Garrad, 3; A. J. D. Garrad, 2