Marion County Photographs


The photographs on this pages are from the American Memory Collections which is a part of the The Library of Congress website. The photographer is Russell Lee.

Portrait of Russell Lee, FSA (Farm Security Administration) photographer

1. Child walking up improvised stairway on back of his home near Jefferson, Texas. Housing conditions are bad throughout this section
2. Negro farm owner and brother leaning on well top on their farm, near Jefferson, Texas
3. Quilts of family on relief near Jefferson, Texas
4. Sawmill for making shingles near Jefferson, Texas
5. Family group of farm Negroes. They work on thirds and fourths. Jefferson, Texas
6. Gardens in east Texas are protected from rabbits and dogs by fence. Near Jefferson, Texas
7. Baby of family living on relief. Notice the homemade cradle. Near Jefferson, Texas. Housing conditions in this section are particularly bad
8 Young boy packing shingles at small mill near Jefferson, Texas
9 Son of relief client near Jefferson, Texas
10 Log shed and privy near Jefferson, Texas
11 Negro mother and child on bed in their cabin near Jefferson, Texas
12 Child of migrant keyworker near Jefferson, Texas. This child was ill with influenza. Had a high fever but was receiving no medical attention
13 Ex-farmer and his son now living on relief. Outskirts of Jefferson, Texas
14 Corner of living-bedroom in cabin of Negro farmer living near Jefferson, Texas
15 Wife of Negro farmer in front of fireplace in her cabin near Jefferson, Texas
16 Wife and husband and child. Note condition of woman's teeth. Living on outskirts of Jefferson, Texas
17 Cabin of Negroes living near Jefferson, Texas. This family owned about thirty acres but were not farming it, doing day labor for a living
18 Child with rickets, son of relief client near Jefferson, Texas. This child has never talked though he is two years old. He has never received any medical attention
19 Two children of family living on relief near Jefferson, Texas. These children did not attend school because of lack of warm clothes and indifference of mother who was sick with pellagra. Note baby's cradle
20 Mother and child, relief clients near Jefferson, Texas. The mother has had pellagra in advanced state but has had some treatment. The child has rickets. Has never talked though two years old. The child has never been taken to a doctor
21 Mother and child. This woman, wife of an ex-farmer now living on relief, had pellagra in an advanced stage. She has had some treatment and shown great improvement but there were still evidences of mental disturbances. She was the mother of twelve children. The child in her arms has malaria as have probably the entire family. Jefferson, Texas
22 Two Negro men passing a young baby through a hoop to cure the "stretches" which are caused according to Negro superstition by a woman who is menstruating picking up a young baby. The baby must be passed through the hoop each morning for seven consecutive days. Picture taken near Jefferson, Texas
23 Negro man living near Jefferson, Texas. This Negro owned about thirty acres on which he and his family and his sister and her family lived. They had done no farming for about four years, supporting their families by day labor. The man said he would like to farm again but could not get enough cash to get started
24 Covered well near Jefferson, Texas
25 Child of family on relief living near Jefferson, Texas
26 Child of relief family standing by stove made of oil drum. Near Jefferson, Texas
27 2Negro woman living on farm near Jefferson, Texas, preparing dinner
28 Bibles on wicker table in farm home near Jefferson, Texas
29 Marriage. Home of farm couple living near Jefferson, Texas
30 Rifle above bed in relief familiy's home near Jefferson, Texas
31 Stove on block in home of Negro family living near Jefferson, Texas
32 Son of itinerant keymaker living near Jefferson, Texas
33 Trailer home of migrant keymaker near Jefferson, Texas