C. W. Ray






Afro-American Teachers 1880 Census

C.W. Ray 22  years olds, born in Louisiana, boarding with Allen Pattan(50yrs) and wife 3rd Ward, Jefferson


Dallas Herald Article February 28, 1892
The Marion  county  Republican convention held a mass meeting to  elected delegates to the state and national conventions............

W. E. Singleton, Robert ?Rimons, Zeik? Henry, J. M. North, H.W. Walker, W.T. Worsham, M. K.Crawford, J. R. Carter, Robert Carthain, C. W. Ray, J. F. Dawkins, R .E. Cole G. W. Drake? and Matt Perdue were elected delegates

W.T. Worsham was unanimously chosen for delegate to the national convention from the fourth congressional district.


The Jimplecute Article March 11, 1905

Election Proclamation 

A School Trustee election for each of the six school districts in Marion county for the election of Two School Trustees for the white school and Two Trustees for the colored. schools is hereby ordered for Saturday April 2nd 1905.

The term of office of the following named trustees expire on May 1st 1905 to wit:

District No. 3 Geo W Brown and Ed Meyer, whites, and C W Ray and M J Smith, colored.

The election ordered is for the purpose of selecting successors to the above named Trustees.

The election is ordered to be held at the following named places with the presiding officers as designated as follows to wit:

For District No. 3 County Court House, M W ReavIs, manager

For District No. 3 New Prospect Church, D M Bramlett, manager

The said election to be held under the general laws of the state of Texas relating to School Trustee Elections Witness my hand and official signature this 8th day of March 1905.