Pleasant Goyne 



The Jimplecute Article August 20, 1904

For this information of the public the following announcements are made: 
   The following named parties have been elected to teach in Marion county for next session 
   White School Dist No 5 - Mrs Mary Lawrence 
   Colored School Dist No 1 J H Holloman and Mrs L L Pitts 
    Dist No 2 Pearson Johns, America Cole, Mrs Carrie Azle and Mattie Rutherford 
    Rev C C Clark Trustee of colored Dist No 5 has tendered his resignation to take effect at once Same has been accepted the vacancy to be filled in lure Munch Bailey, colored, has qualified as trustee of Dist No 6 he having been elected at last Trustee election.
   Ples Goynes, colored has this day been appointed School Trustee to succeed Atony Gant whose term has expired.
                                                                                                                                         T D Rowell County Judge, 


Constable, Precinct No. 5