Rev. C. C. Clark




The Jimplecute Article 


The Jimplecute Article July 24, 1889

About one-third of our colored populated went down to Judea Church in the Bend Sunday The occasion was a somewhat remarkable one being the funeral services of seven children of Rev Chas Clark, all of whom have died in the past twelve months.



The Jimplecute Article July 23, 1904

Death Of A Good Colored Woman

     The Jimplecute regrets to learn of the death of Rev. C. C. Clark’s wife, which occurred suddenly at her home near Smithland in the 11th inst. Rev. Clark and wife had been married fifty-two years and had lived in Marion County all thirty years. She was the mother of fifteen children, had been a member of the Baptist Church for over forty years, and was one of the leading mission workers of the church in that section, being the first one in the County District Association. She was the president of the Bellevue Mission Society.


The Jimplecute Article August 20, 1904

    "Rev C C Clark
Trustee of, colored, Dist No 5 has tendered his resignation to take effect at once Same has been accepted the vacancy to be filled in lure Munch Bailey, colored, has qualified as trustee of Dist No 6 he having been elected at last Trustee election."


The Jimplecute Article August 27, 1904

A Serious Charge

     One day last week, Rev. C. C. Clark, colored, a veteran Baptist minister at Smithland was brought to Jefferson under the charge of causing the death of his wife who died rather sudden several weeks since. It is said he was whipping his daughter when his wife begged him to stop and he grabbed his wife and choked her from which, she died in a short time. He was given a hearing before Justice Todd and placed under a bond. It is serious charge, but some believe he will prove his innocence when the trial comes up.


The Jimplecute Article The Jimplecute Article May 22, 1908
Our old colored subscriber and long-time Baptist preacher, the Rev. C C Clark of Smithland, has the proud record of having baptised 1007 people, and officiating at 101 weddings and still opera ting in the same fields of endeavor.