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In the Justice's Court last Thursday
some fifteen or eighteen young
colored boys were arraigned for
disturbing the peace while playing
baseball. Justice Graham (and
we think most wisely) after hearing
some evidence discharged them
all with the understanding that
they must not play on the streets
where their noise would disturb
people. If they did he would fine
them to the extent of the law.

Those who wish to play ball
should secure grounds where the
noise would disturb nobody.

July 17, 1889, Image 2

For Five Years
Bettie Patillo colored plead
guilty to infanticide In the District
Court fast week and was given
five years in the penitentiary

January 15, 1890, Image 3

Chay Browning, colored, charged
with perjury was declared not
guilty in the District Court last

January 15, 1890, Image 3

John Grant, colored, charged
with being implicated in the murder
of W P Fortson, was brought
in from Dallas Thursday by Sheriff
DeWare and placed in jail.

January 22, 1890, Image 3

Our philosophical colored friend
Prof Mills, at an entertainment of
his people last week lectured on the
"Young Mans Prosperity in
Life," and says his next standpoint
will be that the ladies are "The
Flowers of the World," The Professor
is a "brick."

January 22, 1890, Image 3

Prof Calvin Sims says:" I ken allus
told you fore I see de folks,
ef dey ar mean. Fur ef dey am
mean dar dogs and dar cats leab dem
an tooks up wid udder folks."

The Professor also says: "Dat
politicks am bad fur de wurkin' culured
pussuns. fur a few ob de eddicated
niggers kotches all de money
dat am frowed round tu kotch
culured votes by de ambishass

February 05, 1890, Image 3

Marriage License
The following marriage license
were issued by County Clerk W
Jones during the month of January

Otto Hart to Miss Gussie Norris
John Markos to Miss Nanny Williams
J O Horton to Miss Mittie Sedgast
Tignal Hand to Miss Jessie Kilgore-
W H Nesbitt to Miss Katie Bohler

K Williams to Isabella Craver
John Washington to Delia Jones
Hilly Ward to Missouri Harmon
Peter Williams to Letha Williams
John Atkins to Alice Adams
Jerry Rhodes to Rhoda Calhoun
John Porter to Luberta Robinson
Jeir8tcvens to Morning Watson
William Skinner to Era Holoman
Anderson Mosele to Ann Montgomery
Jackson Brinkley to Bettie Christian
Dan Harris to Mattie Parker
Scott Harris to Mary Eldridge
Lonnie Hand to Delia Hearn
John Long to Virgie Green
George Jones to Mary Hansom


February 09, 1901, Image 11

Thornton Bennett a negro tie
maker was supposed to been killed
by a tree falling and striking him
on the head Thursday Sheriff Hay
wood and Justice Figures went out
Friday to hold the inquest

March 15, 1902, Image 4

Gen Smith, a worthy colored
man and citizen did early Wednesday
morning at his homo in this
city, after a lingering illness from

March 15, 1902, Image 4

The colored K P lodge at this place
and at Marshall gave a big picnic and
dance at Jefferson Monday. The K P
band from Marshall furnished the
music, and a big crowd was here.
September 10, 1904, Image 1
Lost Mule
Left my place at Sunview on
Wednesday night Sept 7, 04, one
dark bay mule, 11 hand high, 5
years old past, with a few gray
hairs in his side, white mouth,
high mane and long tail, branded
in its flank with h Spanish brand
that begins with a T. Will give
85 00 reward for information where
mule is Write me at Sunview,
Wash Davis

September 17, 1904, Image 8

Some of the colored people have receiving anonymous letter suggesting that they had better leave Such letters are wrong If anyone has done anything wrong be man enough to go in the daylight and make known complaint The Jimplecute does not believe these letters are written with any other intention than to see what effect they will have No attention should be given them Any Rood citizen condemns such proceedings  October 29, 1904, Image 4

Jefferson Tex., Oct., 28th, 04. To Whom It May Concern: It having come to our knowledge that several of the industrial, law abiding colored citizens of this city have recently received the mail letters notifying them that they should leave Marion county at once or abide the consequences of their failure to do so. And it appearing to the undersigned that we should give the weight of our influence and protection to all law abiding and industrious citizens, regardless of color. We therefore in this public way announce that we condemn the letters that have been written and pledge our support and protection to all citizens alike, in Marion county, so long as they are honest industrious and law abiding. Respectfully, W S Haywood, Sheriff, T D Rowell, County Judge, L B Webster, District Clerk, J M Singleton, County Attorney, L B Todd, Justice of the Peace, B P Williams, R B Walker, Wm Clark, A G Clopton, J F Crow, 0 A Stutz, Allen Urquhart, 0 A Rowell, W H Erambert, Sr, J J Segal, J W Sims, W S Terry, J M Vines, Jas Ford, G W L Dawson, R A Loomis, D C Wise, W J Sedberry, S W Moseley, B F Sherrell, J S Massey, T F McGarity, J H Rowell Sr, J H Row ell Jr, E 0 Webb, W K Jones, County Clerk, W T Armistead, R R Taylor, Jno A Fiedler, L E Purssell. 


November 05, 1904, Image 10
A large number of the colored
population have gone to Louisiana
to pick cotton in the Black Bayou

October 01, 1904, Image 5

The O K Restaurant is the
only one exclusively for white
people in the city
January 07, 1905, Image 8
A Negro Boy Killed
On Wednesday afternoon Ansel
Leo Bass shot Jesse Columbus with
a gun the shot striking him in the
bowel and from the effects he died
several hours later. The shooting
took place across the river and both
were negro boys about 16 and 18
years old. The boy who did the
shooting will wait the action of the
grand jury. The dead boy was
buried Thursday afternoon by the
Benevolent Lodge of which ho was
a member.
January 07, 1905, Image 8
On Tuesday Jessie Ramsey, little
son of Mr and Mrs Robt Ramsey,
was run over by a carriage
from Jackson's stable, driven by
Snowball Johnson, colored. The
injuries proved fatal and Jessie
died Thursday morning The
driver Snowball Johnson was
arrested and at a habeas corpus
hearing was placed under a 8500
bond which was made.
January 21, 1905, Image 5
Hal Riser, a well known colored man and farmer of this county, died and was buried last Friday. March 17 1905
Mrs Emma Deveraux a worthy
colored woman living west of the
city died Monday after a few hours
illness from heart trouble She
leaves five children Her funeral
took place Tuesday
March 25, 1905, Supplement, Image 5
Andrew Bryant colored who
worked about the stables here for
years died the first of the week at
his brother8 home near Karnack
April 01, 1905, Image 5
Becky Sewell a well known colored
woman and was cook at Excelsior
for a long time died Monday
night after a long sickness.
August 18, 1906, Image 5
There are seats for the colored
people at the Arcade Picture Show
now exhibiting at Skating rink
Colored entrance on Dallas street
May 17, 1907, Image 3 
A Mistake
The Passion Play which gave a
couple of exhibition at the Carne
gie Library was engaged by Rev
C S Williams pastor of St Paul
M E Church colored to give a
play for the benefit of the colored
people at the old Sedberry building.
Through mistake he was instructed
by Mr Vance one of the
men connected with the play to
take his buggy and go to frog town
and employ some one to haul chairs
 from the Library. Through a mistake
Rev Williams got the buggy
belonging to a Mr Bender on finding
his horse and buggy gone Mr
Bender went out to look for his rig
he found Rev Williams coming to
town from frog town with his horse
and buggy and struck him twice
with a buggy whip. After coming
to town Mr Bender found out that
the horse and buggy was taken
through mistake he paid his fine
for the assault and the unfortunate
affair was settled.
March 20, 1908, Image 4
That longtime citizen of Jefferson
and faithful old colored Jehu
Ben Harris has held the position
of bus driver here for 40 years
without intermission and knows
more drummers and traveling men
perhaps than any man in Texas.
He has put in all this faithful service
at one stable under its different
managements. Ben might exclaim
with Tennyson a brook
men may come and men may go
but I go on forever. Ben has
the proud record of having met
more trains and served more people
in his capacity than any other
can boast of perhaps. And he
looks like he might be good for 40
years more time has dealt gently
with him during his long and faithful
April 17, 1908, Image 5 
Constable Hale captured a bunch
of negro crap shooters Saturday
night and Monday morning, Will
Thomas, Frank Jackson, Avie
Beckham, and Jesse Rose were
tried in Justice Court and fined
31.70 each and these fines will
have to be worked out on the roads/
July 30, 1909, Image 3
The Civic League most gratefully
appreciates the hearty response
that our citizens gave to
their call for Sidewalk Day. Not
only did the white people come
out in full force and work with
zeal but the colored residents
also entered into the spirit of
the day. Bitter weeds were destroyed
and sidewalks cleaned
all over town. It is very encouraging
to the League to have others
work with it as they do for
the advancement of Jefferson.

Civic League
August 25, 1911, Image 3
Booker T Washington spoke
in Marshall Tuesday and over
one hundred colored people went
from Jefferson to hear him
October 06, 1911, Image 3


Courtesy of The Library of Congress and The University of North Texas, Denton.