Eighth Annual Convention of the Clubs of the Third District



"The Magnolias." The 1881 Club, oldest charted member of the Texas State Federation of Women's Clubs. was organized here on October 6, 1881





The eighth annual convention of the clubs of the Third District met in Jefferson, April 29-30, 1909. An informal reception the afternoon of the delegates' arrival, at the home of Judge and Mrs. W. P. Schluter, from 4:30 to 6 p. m., brought about a "let's get acquainted" feeling. To the regret of all, Mrs. S. G. Edwards, the presiding officer, was detained on account of sickness. Mrs. W. T. Spencer, Vice-president, presided very ably. President's Evening was held on the night of April 29, in the Public Library. "The well arranged and interesting program was most admirably carried out—special features being an address by Mrs. J. B. Dibrell, State President; Mrs. Cone Johnson's address, Woman's Sphere; an address on civics by Miss Jeannette Goldberg, National lecturer for the Jewish Council of Women. Some musical numbers were: Chorus, Cupid Made Love to the Moon, Ladies' Choral Club; piano solos by Mrs. McWilliams of Texarkana and Miss Ford Jester, Atlanta; voice, Mrs. Ed. Richardson, Marshall; duo, two pianos, Miss Eva Eberstadt and Mr. I. L. Goldberg; voice, Mrs. Martin Ragley; selection, two pianos, Mrs. M. Vines, Miss Ethel M. Leaf, Miss Eberstadt, Miss Willie Rowell; piano, Faust, Miss Willa Rhone, Winnsboro. Other addresses of note were: The Educational Value of the Study of Home Economics, by Miss Turner of Greenville; Industrial and Compulsory Education, by Mrs. E. E. Bramlette of Texarkana; The Legal Status of Woman in Texas, by Mrs. W. B. Wynne of Wills Point; How We Best Help Ourselves, Our Neighbors and Our Country, by Miss Hallett McPhail of Marshall; The Care and Training of Juvenile Delinquents, by Mrs. E. P. Turner of Dallas."—From Clubwoman's Argosy, July, 1909.)

Club reports showed much good work in civics and libraries; the tree-planting movement is going to revolutionize some of our Texas towns. Longview was chosen as the next place of meeting, and the following officers were elected: Mrs. George H. Collins, Greenville, President; Mrs. Douglas Wise, Jefferson, First Vice-president; Miss Halbert, Corsicana, Second Vice- president; Mrs. F. W. Harris, Greenville, Secretary- Treasurer. A reception at the home of Mayor and Mrs. B. F. Sherrill, on Friday night, was much enjoyed.

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Historical Marker Text: 

"The Magnolias"
Marker Text: 1867. Built by Lucy Ann, wife of Dan Alley, donor of half of Jefferson's townsite. Near 100th birthday, house retains fine style. Has handmade columns, massive hewn sills, wide pine board floors. Here was organized 1881 Club, oldest member and pioneer unit in Texas State Federation of Women's Clubs. Also (on Feb. 22, 1955) birthplace of Martha McCraw Chapter of the D. A. R. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1965.