An Act To Incorporate The Society Of The Sisters Of Charity Of Saint Vincent de Paul


Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton (1774 - 1821) 
 The order of Sisters of Charity in the United States was founded by Mother Seton, who, after her conversion to the Roman Catholic faith, devoted her life to the charitable works of the Church. 




Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That in order that the Sisters of Charity may more widely diffuse their usefulness to the sick, the poor, and the fatherless of this State, the superiors of said Sisters of Charity, Vhs.: Sisters Euphemia Blankensop, Agnes Steven, Teresa Healey, Baptista Dowds, and Mary Louise Scpfield, residing at the mother-house of Sisters of Charity in the United States, situated at Emmetshurg, Frederick county, and State of Maryland, and their legitimate successors, are hereby created and established a body corporate under the name and style of the "Society of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul;" and as such, they are hereby authorized and empowered to erect hospitals, infirmaries, asylums, for destitute female children, and schools for girls, and houses of charity, according to their institute, within the limits of the State of Texas.

Sec. 2. The said sisters, under their said corporate name, can sue and be sued, and are capable of holding, enjoying, possessing, and selling any property, real and personal, of any nature, by contracts, purchase, transfer, and all other modes or forms of contracts of any kind known to the laws of this State; they are also authorized to receive and accept any donations, inter vivos or causa mortis, from any private person or persons or body politic.

Sec. 3. Said sisters, under their said corporate name, can build, erect, rebuild, repair, improve, or cause to be built, erected, rebuilt, repaired! and improved, all kinds of edifices that they may, from time to time, consider necessary for charitable purposes; to conduct, manage, administer, by themselves or by one or more Sisters of Charity that they may deem proper to appoint or designate, according to the rule of their institute, all or any part or parts of their property or affairs; provided, that none of the property or money, income or revenue of property, or of any property, gifts or donations, or parts thereof, shall be disposed of otherwise than for the exclusive use and benefit of the charitable establishment for which they shall be assigned by the donor or donors.

Sec. 4. That this act take effect and be in force for ninety-nine years from and after its passage.

Passed May 23, 1871.

The foregoing act, received in the office of Secretary of State May twenty-ninth, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one, having been presented to the Governor of Texas for his approval, and not having been returned by him to the house in which it originated with the time prescribed by the Constitution, has become a law without his approval.


Laws passed by the ... Legislature of the state of Texas  

 - 1871