Father John M. Giraud



1870 Census

Giard John M 33 years old, born in France, 4th Ward, Jefferson, Marion County




Father John M. Giraud was Pastor from August 4, 1886 to November 24, 1890.—Father Daniel F. Haugh was at Bohemia, from 1890 until 1898, except one year (1894), when Father Joseph Desribes was Pastor.

Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia: Volume 24 - Page 137

American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia - 1913




Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church Historical  Marker Text

Church of oldest parish (organized 1866, by Father Jean M. Giraud, French priest) in Dallas Diocese. Among its charities have been three schools and first hospital in the Diocese. This edifice was built in 1867 of hand-finished wood, with tiered steeple, lancet windows. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1964





St. Joseph, Middletown, Del. — This parish was originally under the care of the Jesuits, who gave up their missions in Delaware and on the eastern shore of Maryland in 1898. St Joseph's was founded in 1883; the cornerstone of the churchwas laid on November 18, 1883, by Rev. John J. Murphy, S.J., of Georgetown, D.C., and the church dedicated on October 15, 1884, by Bishop Becker. Prior to the erection of the church Mass was celebrated in private houses and in the townhall. The church, a Gothic frame structure, 62 feet by 32 feet, is valued at $3500. Among the Jesuit pastors were: Rev. John D. Gaffney and Rev. John M. Giraud. The present pastor is Rev. Charles A. Crowley.

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