Historic Buildings of Marion County
Theodore Bolton



  Abernathy-Singleton House, 204 N. Soda St., Jefferson,
  Alley,D. N. ,Sr. ,House, 209 E. Broadway, Jefferson,
  Alley-Carlson House, 501 E. Walker St., Jefferson,
  Birge,Noble A. ,House, 212 N. Vale St., Jefferson, Beard House
  Camp,J.,Building, 112 N. Vale St., Jefferson,
  Christ Episcopal Church, Main & Taylor Sts., Jefferson,
  Culberson House, 403 N. Walnut St., Jefferson,
  Cutrer-Key House, State Rt. 59, Jefferson vicinity,
  DeWare House, 202 E. Dixon St., Jefferson,
  Duke,W. S. ,House, 112 S. Friou St., Jefferson,
  Excelsior Hotel, Austin St., Jefferson,
  Freeman,Willamson M. ,House, Rt. 49, Jefferson vicinity,
  House of the Seasons, 409 S. Alley St., Jefferson,
  Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, 201 N. Vale St., Jefferson,
  Kahn Saloon Building, 123 W. Austin St., Jefferson,
  Murphy-Dannelly House, 410 Delte St., Jefferson,
  Old Jefferson Courthouse, 304 W. Broadway, Jefferson,
  Planters Bank Building & Warehouse, 224 E. Austin St., Jefferson,
  Presbyterian Church, 600 E. Jefferson St., Jefferson,
  Presbyterian Manse, 221 Delta St., Jefferson,
  Sedberry House, 211 N. Market St., Jefferson,
  Spelling, Solomon A. ,House, 107 E. Clarkesville St., Jefferson,
  St. Mary's Catholic School-Sinai Hebrew Synagogue, 209 N. Henderson St., Jefferson,
  U. S. Courthouse & Post Office, 224 W. Austin St., Jefferson,
  Woods House, 502 E. Walker St., Jefferson,
  Wright-Lester House, 301 S. Friou St., Jefferson,


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