Trees Planted by the Water: Early African American Legislators



.13th Texas Legislature


13th Texas Legislature Jan 14, 1873- Wikipedia
Thirteenth Legislature, General Laws   PDF
Thirteenth Legislature, Index to General Laws   PDF
Thirteenth Legislature, Special Laws   PDF
Thirteenth Legislature, Index to Special Laws   PDF





13th (1873) Legislatures African American Legislators -

George Thompson Ruby Matthew Gaines
Henry Moore Richard Williams
Meshack R. Roberts Allen W. Wilder
Henry Phelps Edward Anderson
James H. Washington  



"The Thirteenth Legislature (1873) proceeded to dismantle the more unpopular measures of the preceding legislature and proposed three amendments to the 1869 charter, all of which were adopted, including one that in effect prohibited the legislature from delegating its power to suspend legislation, a provision retained to the present.".

Handbook of Texas Online, s.v. "," (accessed July 24, 2006).



13th Regular Session Jan 14, 1873 Jun 04, 1873  

In the 1872 elections the Democrats reclaimed both houses of the legislature.