Index to African American Laws in Texas




Slaves to be enumerated and described as to age, name, sex, etc., 1-188-1827.
Permitting slaves, under certain conditions, to change masters, 1-202-1827.
Decree No. 56, 1-213-1828.
Constitutional provisions, slaves 1-424-1827
Ordinance of General Council relating to, free persons of color 1-721-1836
Resolution of Plenary Convention concerning, African Slave Trade 1-874-1836
Report to said convention concerning, African Slave Trade 1-896-1836
Prohibiting importation, or immigration of, free persons of color 1-1024-1836
Declaring, to be piracy; Constitution of Republic of Texas, African Slave Trade 1-1079-1836
Prohibited by Constitution from remaining permanently in Republic without consent of Congress, 1- 1079-1836
Constitutional provisions, slaves 1-1079-1836
All residing in Texas when independence of Texas declared, to remain conditionally, free persons of color 1-1292-1837
Prescribing punishment for harboring, or supporting, runaway Negroes, etc., 2-46-1839.
Concerning free persons of color, 2- 325-1840
Concerning, slaves 2-345-1840.
Concerning certain free persons of color, 2-468-1840
Prohibiting forced sale of slaves, under execution, 2-515-1841
Regulating sale of runaway, 2-649- 1841
Repealing act prohibiting forced sale  of slaves, 2-697-1841.
Proclamation of President Houston allowing "free persons of color" to remain in Republic, 2-879-1842
Proclamation of treaty with Great Britain for suppression of, African Slave Trade 2-889-1842
Regulating sale of runaway, 2-950- 1844.
Appointment of patrols, 2-1497-1846.
Regulating hire of slaves, 2-1501-1846.
Instructing Texas delegation in U. S. Congress to oppose passage of any law prohibiting slave-owners from emigrating with their property to territory acquired by U. S., 3-20- 1848.
Amending Act of February 5, 1840, concerning offenses by slaves, 3-29-1848
Joint resolution concerning, Slavery  3-132-1848
Joint resolution concerning, Slavery 3-531-1850
Partition of slaves and other personal property, 3-898-1851.
Providing for indemnification of owners for slaves executed for capital crimes 3-911-1852.
Permitting Mary Madison to remain in Galveston county, free persons of color 3-1042-1851
Permitting Thomas Cevallos to remain in Bexar county, free persons of color 3-1045-1851
Offenses committed by, free persons of color 3-1298-1853
Concerning offenses committed by slaves. 3-1298-1853
Providing for indemnification of owners for slaves executed for capital crimes 3-1454-1854.
 Murder of slaves punishable same as of free white persons, 3-1503-1854.
Resolution concerning, Slavery 4-263-1855
Prohibiting introduction of free persons of color, 4-466-1856
Prohibiting slaves from carrying guns or other deadly weapons, 4-499-1856.
Forced sales by administrators and executors to be made on Congress Avenue in Austin, Travis county, 4-879-1857.
Said sales in Calhoun county to be made at door of Casimer House, Indianola, etc., 4-907-1858.
Permitting, to choose their own masters and become slaves, 4-947-1858

Punishments for offenses committed by, free persons of color 4-1060-1858
Punishments subject to, slaves 4-1060-1858.
Reclamation of, escaping from slave territory of United States, 4-1074- 1858
Provisions relating to, free persons of color 4-1115 et seq.- 1858
Resolution concerning, Slavery   4-1155-1858
Permitting Nancy Coleman et al. to  remain in the State till April, 1860 4-1334-1858
Constitutional provision as to, slaves 5-22-1861
Disposition of runaway, 5-385-1861
Place for sales of slaves, by administrators and executors in Nueces county, 5-422-1861
 Prohibiting owners from placing slaves in  charge of farms or ranches detached from place of residence,. 5-484-1862
Defining, slaves 5-600-1863.
Defining "free persons of color," 5-600-1863
Punishment for inciting insurrection or insubordination of slaves, 5-601-1863.
Providing against hostile invasion of State by persons of color. 5-608-1863
 Slaves not to exercise pretend ownership of property, 5-762-1864.
Defining rights of "freedmen'"-constitutional provisions, 5-881-1866
Constitutional recognition of termination of slavery, 5-881-1866.
education law  "free persons of color," 5-882-1866
Repealing Acts of April 8, 1861, March 5, 1863, March 6, 1863,  March 26, 1864, and January 11, 1862. relating to disposition of runaway slaves, inciting insurrection, etc., ownership of property, and charge of farms and stock ranches, 5-976-1866.
Limiting admissibly of testimony of., free persons of color 5-977-1866
An Act establishing a General Apprentice Law 5-979-1866
Amending provisions of Penal Code relating to, free persons of color 5-988-1866
Contracts for Labor 5-994-1866
Requiring separate railroad accommodations for, free persons of color 5-1015-1866
Vagrancy 5-1020-1866
employment of Convict  5-1037-1866
Defining rights of persons formerly designated "slaves and free persons of color, 5-1049-1866
Provide for the Employment of Convict Labor on Works of Public Utility 5-1110 -1866
provide for the education of the indigent white children 5-1113 -1866
Purchase of land to care for insane Negroes, 5-1125-1866
Prohibiting States from paying for loss, or emancipation, of slaves; slaves Fourteenth Amendment to U. S.  Constitution, 5-1185-1866.
Relief of persons formerly in bondage, 6-301-1870
Prohibiting common carriers from making distinctions in carrying passengers; declared purpose to carry into effect Sec. 21, Art. 1. of Constitution; repealed former separate coach act 7-18-1871
Declaring legally married those who (while slaves) had lived together as man and wife. 7-424-1869
Legitimating marriages, and children of slaves, 7-424-1869
Providing for a State Agricultural and Mechanical College for colored youths, 8-972-1876
Establishment of Prairie View State Normal School for colored teachers, 8-1481-1879
Providing for election to determine location of branch of University of Texas, for instruction of colored youths, 9-285-1882
 Providing for selection and purchase of site for State Deaf, Dumb and Blind Asylum for Colored Youths 9-948-1887
Requiring railroads to furnish separate coaches for white and Negro passengers, 10-46-1891
Providing for survey of lands, to be set apart as permanent endowment  for branch university for colored  'people of Texas, 10-1202-1897
Favoring National aid to the Afro-American Fair and Interstate Exposition Co., 10-1317-1897