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S. H. Russell   In 1876 the Republican boss of Harrison County, S. H. Russell  a white man, was elected sheriff and tax assessor, for which he had to post two bonds.
William E. Singleton  served, variously, as sheriff of Harrison County, Deputy United States Marshall and District County Clerk of Jefferson, and United States Commissioner.  He was particularly well known for his work in helping to organize the Republican Party in Texas
Colbert Caldwell (Coldwell) (1822-1892).  On October 18, 1867, he was appointed associate justice of the Texas Supreme Court by Gen. Philip H. Sheridan, commander of the Fifth Military District.  Caldwell, whose outspoken Republican partisanship had earned him a reputation among Democrats as a rabble-rouser, survived an assassination attempt by a white mob during a speech before a mostly black audience in Marshall on December 31, 1867.