Ebenezer Methodist Church




Ebenezer Methodist Church On site used since 1867 for worship. First church was built and occupied 1868 when pastor was the Rev. Elijah Blair; second, 1892, under the Rev. Thomas Cole. The Rev. A. J. Newton began drive for third church, completed in 1958 under the Rev. J. F. Cox. Board chairmen in building eras were Mitchell Kendall, S. S. Reid, and Dr. T. L. Hunter. In century-long career, church has had 42 pastors. At centennial, pastor is the Rev. Simon Snell; chairman of trustees is Dr. N. H. Anderson. Ebenezer has been recognized as home church of Bishops Willis J. King, J. B. Scott, and E. W. Kelly. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1967

Rev. Elijah Blair Rev. Simon Snell  
Rev. Thomas Cole    
James Leonard Farmer    
Rev. Mr. Joshua O. Williams    
Rev. A. J. Newton    
Rev. J. F. Cox