When Freedom Cried Out
The Freedmen's Bureau in Texas




Freedmen's Bureau at the Local Level

Freedmen's Bureau labor contracts, Fort Bend and Brazoria Counties

Freedmen's Bureau records, Fort Bend and Brazoria Counties

Handbook of Texas Online Notes

Freedmens Bureau Online - Texas  Many transcriptions, 

Van Zandt County judge Samuel Q. Richardson asks Acting Governor Hamilton to send federal troops and an agent of the Freedmen's Bureau to the county to deal with violence against freedmen.

Brevet Major General Charles Griffin of Ohio took command of the military district and Freedmen's Bureau of Texas in December 1866 and quickly became embroiled in the politics of Reconstruction

Curtis, Stephen, Minister and political leader letters to Freedmen's Bureau, Brazos County

Freedmen's Bureau agent is assassinated, Bowie County

H. Sheridan to Gordon Granger, June 10, 1865. Tells him to get 1,800 troops to Galveston quickly.

"Consider the Lily: The Ungilded History of Colorado County 1865-1870.

Carpetbagger On The Brazos: The Texas Freedmen’s Bureau In Robertson County

List of documents relating to the activities of the Freedman's Bureau in Colorado County and the surrounding area from 1865-1869 Description