When Freedom Cried Out
The Freedmen's Bureau in Texas



Freedman’s Textbooks

The Freedman’s Second Reader

Freedman's Third Reader

The Freedman's spelling book


Texas Textbooks

New Texas School Reader


General Textbooks

The American Spelling Book, by Noah Webster

Eclectic First Reader

The McGuffey Readers

McGuffey's Reader.

McGuffey's Reader- Wikipedia

Cover from McGuffey's Fourth Reader



19th Century Schoolbooks Collection

Secondary School Readers, 1776-1900

Tracts at the American Antiquarian Society

Shaping the Values of Youth: Sunday School Books in 19th Century America

Elements of Book Design and Illustration

Noah Webster andWilliam Holmes McGuffey
in the Promotion of Their Reading Textbooks



Confederate States Textbooks
Textbooks newly commissioned for use by Confederate students and other materials that reflect how educators tried to build and sustain Confederate patriotism.

Writing Material


Slate and Slate Pencils

Writing slate with sponge


Pens, Ink, and Paper

Dip pen also sometimes called a "nib pen