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Texas Conference: We have just closed the most successful annual session of the Texas Conference Woman's Home Missionary Society In its thirty years' history. The year has been great with achievements for our conference society. Three years ago we were trying to run this great big business of the Master's with only a vague conception of its purpose and its possibilities. We possessed a zeal for the work, "but not according to knowledge."

But during these three years we have endeavored to touch every district organization and quite a number of the local organizations, and have been able, through this plan, to put our women to reading our literature and subscribing to the Woman's Home Missions, which has resulted In a new Impetus being given to the work and a new and larger vision of the mission of the society.

These last three years have seen our membership Increase more than twofold, among whom, we are pleased to say, are some of the ablest women of the State, whose training and preparation makes them eminently fit to render the most efficient service.

Our financial growth has kept pace with our growth numerically, as you will observe from the following facts. In 1916 our financial report of the year amounted to $394 for all purposes, $351 of which was sent to the national treasurer. In the session just closed at Houston, Tex., November 22, the conference treasurer reported more than $1,080 in cash and a total of approximately $1,800 in cash and vouchers. Seven hundred dollars of this amount was raised for the rebuilding of our beloved King Home, recently destroyed by fire.

A notable feature connected with our session this year was the presence of our national president, Mrs. W. P. Thlrkield, who came to us with a heart full of wholesome and helpful words of cheer and hope, and dispelled the gloom somewhat in this the hour of midnight blackness In our race-life. We were thrilled and Inspired through her wonderful message.

Mrs. R. A. Cabb, Conference President.



West Texas Conference: The twenty-sixth annual meeting was held November 12-10, 1919, in Yoakum, Texas, with Mrs. S. H. Burgges presiding. The various auxiliaries were well represented and made good reports. The conference corresponding secretary and treasurer, Mrs. E. Sprlggs Ratliff, made her annual report, which showed an Increase in members and finance. She reported that all debts had been canceled on our beautiful new Eliza Dee Industrial Home, which is the pride of the West Texas Conference. The six hundred dollars that the society pledged on the Administration Building at Samuel Huston College has been paid. Miss C. I. King, our untiring superintendent, was present with good exhibits of the girls' needle work. Dr. G. R. Bryant, Dr. J. W. E. Bowen, Jr., and others made short talks, which were very impressive. On Saturday evening. President M. S. Davage, of Samuel Huston College, Dr. P. J. Maveety, and Mrs. E. Spriggs Ratliff made addresses with reference to the work of the home and Samuel Huston College. The amount of cash raised for the year is $1.700.30

Mrs. J. H. Swann, Pres.-Sec'y.



West Texas Conference.A joint meeting of the Dallas and Waco Districts was held in Jones Chapel, May 12th and 13th. Mrs. A. L. Carper, our evangelistic secretary, led devotions, and the fifty delegates seemed to realize the presence of the Holy Spirit. We raised our one hundred dollars for the Lynchburg Seminary. Mrs. S. E. Jones, who is working heart and soul to "stand to be counted," reported eighteen new Mothers' Jewels. Mrs. L. E. Gilmer, Belton, reported five; Mrs. S. H. Surges, Milford, five; Mrs. Ada Sims, Italy, five. Mrs. F. L. Kirkpatrick, our field secretary, reported two new bands, with twenty paid members. I organized right then in Jones Chapel with ten paid-up members; total, 63 new paid-up Jewels. Subscriptions taken for the children's paper, one club, 104 straight subscriptions; taken for Woman's Home Missions, nine. $211.16 was paid on dues and pledges. We thank Rev. K. W. McMillan, district superintendent, for giving us this glorious chance of getting together and raising our pledges. Rev. G. M. Mallory preached the missionary sermon, "The Love of God for the Church." Humanity and Woman's Home Missionary Society filled our hearts. Six of our pastors from the Dallas and Waco Districts stayed with us. Rev. W. M. Moonay preached the closing sermon.

E. Spriggs Ratliff.



Mrs. E. W. Seeds, secretary of the Bureau for Texas, writes that many conferences are naming rooms in the new King Home, Marshall, Texas. Among them are to be found the name of Mrs. M. H. Dunlap, of the Ohio Conference, for whom the conference officers are naming a room. A prominent window has also been named by Mrs. C. M. Bell, Frazeysburg. The conference also named a room with a gift of $1,000 for Mrs. H. E. Smith, of Marietta, Ohio, and five or six are naming bed-rooms. Mrs. Seeds feels very much encouraged, and hopes that many more will be led to pledge toward rooms in this fine new building at the next annual meeting.



The San Antonio (Texas) Enquirer of January 8 has an entire page devoted to the report of the Annual Meeting of the West Texas Conference Woman's Home Missionary Society, which was held at Georgetown, December 8-12. The article Is headed with a very excellent picture of Mrs. E. Spriggs Ratllff', conference corresponding secretary and treasurer. This Is Mrs. Ratllff's twenty-sixth year of service in this conference, and her annual report was one of unusual interest. The West Texas Conference received a beautiful silk banner for its success in raising 237 new paid members in 1920. The total money raised amounted to $2.308.58, an increase of $340 over the amount raised In 1919. Sister Ratliff gave an earnest plea to her sisters to go on, making their work still larger and more keenly felt.




We are pleased to tell you that at the April meeting of the Board of Trustees It was decided to rebuild King Home, Marshall, Tex., which was burned last year. The appropriation was Increased to $50,000. Because of present high prices, the main building will not be erected at this time. We shall, however, erect a smaller permanent building, which can be used for all purposes until we can build the main dormitory, and which will later be put to some special use. There will be windows and doors to name. For the equipment of the temporary quarters, counterpanes for single beds are needed, material for curtains, unbleached muslins for mattress covers, tablecloths and napkins and rugs. Miss Johnson is anxious that these shall be sent soon that the home may be furnished by the opening of the school. Our class rooms are in the Freedman's Aid building, and these rooms must be furnished. These people are rejoiced to have King Home rebuilt. Pray for the work and help all you can with pledges and money.

Mrs. E. W. Seeds.



 The tie between home and foreign mission work Is closer, than we always realize. Mrs. F. E. Turner, missionary In the Stokes Bible School, Monrovia, Liberia, was once a King Home girl. She writes to the Cincinnati office for Queen Esther literature and books for her African girls.



Woman's home missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church

by Woman's Home Missionary Society (Cincinnati, Ohio) - 1920