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The education which trains the hand in correlation with the head and the heart will be the cult of the future. Its results may not at once be apparent; but it will, in due time, develop the skillful and cunning artisan, the trained intellect, and give strength, beauty, and nobility of character. This is the high aim of our "Industrial Homes" for the now neglected and submerged classes in the South.

The uninterrupted prosperity at King Home during the year has been an object-lesson in the fulfillment of this aim. There has been growth in the number of pupils, in self-support, in deportment, and in literary and industrial work. The following statistics speak well for the school:

Number of boarding pupils 76

Number of day pupils 189

Number of dressmaking pupils 34

Total 299

Increase 66

Amount of self-help $2,501 28

Increase over last year 911 73

Sewing-lessons given 3,080

Cooking 1,080

Dressmaking 3,840

Garments made , 819

Garments repaired....' 117

Garments given out 326

Missionary-meetings held 16

Temperance-meetings 32

Young people's meetings 32

Visits to sick and needy 45

In the early part of the school year, to stimulate hand-sewing, I offered a prize for the best three-piece suit of underclothing made by hand. There were several contestants, and much interest was manifested. I was very much pleased with the work on the prize suit.

Fifteen were graduated from the scientific dressmaking department. For the present year I have secured Miss Lilian Filmer, one of our accepted missionaries, as assistant to Miss Elliott. This school is gradually nearing the point of self-support.

Last February I received from Rev. F. Carson Moore a quitclaim deed to the Harrisburg property, with an additional ten acres, which now gives us sixty acres. There is a clause, however, in the deed which binds us to put four thousand dollars in permanent improvements before the deed is in force.

I now ask the Board to make an appropriation for a new building. There are rumors that oil has been found near this property, but I have been unable to get definite knowledge of this fact. This school and Orphanage ought to be opened in the coming autumn. Chicken and turkey raising might be made profitable in time, and furnish healthful and practical exercise for the inmates. The money raised by the Texas Conference, I think, should be expended on this Home. It would be an incentive to them to raise more money. This Conference has supported four students in King Home the past year. There is no time mentioned in the deed to the Harrisburg property when we shall place the improvements; and it is the opinion of our attorney that "the court would grant a reasonable time." This is somewhat indefinite. If we intend to hold this gift, the sooner we comply with the conditions the better it will be.

A sewing teacher, Miss Melinda Webb, a graduate of King Home dressmaking department, has been sent to take charge of the industrial department in the Samuel Huston College at Austin, Texas, in response to their urgent request and the consent of the Board of Trustees.

The missionaries in this Bureau deserve special commendation for their devotion and sacrifice; and He whose eye neither slumbers nor sleeps will reward their fidelity. 

(MRS.) L. G. Murphy, Secretary.



There is some money in the treasury for building at Houston, Texas. As we must occupy this property in order to hold it, it seems best that the beginning of a colored Children's Home should soon be made. If wisely managed, it should command a good deal of local sympathy and support.




I Am thankful indeed to report that we have raised our first five hundred dollars on the Training and Industrial Home for our girls. Five years ago I asked for and obtained the grant for such a Home in the West Texas Conference, and pledged myself to raise the first five hundred dollars.

Do you wonder at my being happy over having raised it? I visited all five of our districts this year, and caused the annual session of each to be held. A few new Auxiliaries have been organized. There was an increase of money brought forward at each district. The Woman's Home Missionary Society of our Conference has taken the task of furnishing the bed-coverings, chairs, bowls, and pitchers for the girls' department of our beloved Samuel Huston College. This we have succeeded in doing to the amount of ninety-eight dollars. We need the Training and Industrial Home now. The seven-dollar plan has worked like a charm, and we will continue it in 1902.

Our Anniversary was held at Victoria, December 21, 1901, with over thirty delegates present. Miss E. O. Elliott, Superintendent of King Home, visited us, and gave a beautiful address upon the different organizations of our Church.

Our Conference is looking forward with great delight to the promised visit of our General Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Delia L. Williams, at our Annual Session, to be held in Dallas, December 18, 1901.

Mrs. E. S. Spriggs, Corresponding Secretary.




Annual report of the Board of Managers of the Woman's Home Missionary

by Woman's Home Missionary Society (Cincinnati, Ohio) - 1901