Wiley College
Historically Black College



Coe Memorial Hall

Mr. H. G. Coe, of Clarence, Iowa, contributed $5,000 toward the erection of Coe Memorial Hall as a memorial to his sainted daughter. Miss Coe was one of the most earnest and faithful teachers Wiley has ever had, and the erection of this hall is a fitting tribute to her sincere and devoted work.

The walls are up and roofed, and the windows put in, but no inside work has been done. Up to the present point of construction the building has cost $20,000, all of which except the $5,000 donated by Mr. Coe has been raised by the colored people themselves. Ten thousand dollars is urgently needed to complete the building and have it ready for the beginning of the next school year. This dormitory for boys has been an urgent need of the institution for years, many young men have been turned away because there was no room for them, and at the present time temporary cottages have been built for the accommodation of those who were accepted. These buildings are poorly heated and ill ventilated, but the young men have gladly accepted these inconveniences rather than go back home and thus lose the chance of necessary training for their life's work. The building when complete will accommodate 350 young men, and applications are pouring in daily.

Doctor Dogan plans to put the work of training the boys on the farm on a scientific basis, and the completion of this dormitory, so that young men desiring to study scientific farming can have the opportunity, is of the highest importance. Who will duplicate Mr. Coe's donation for an additional $5,000?