Paul Quinn College
Historically Black College

Rev. S. D. Russell began a career as journalist in 1885, when he published a semi-monthly paper, called The Herald of Truth. This he edited for two years. Having been promoted to the presiding-eldership of his church, the name of the paper was changed and became The College Journal of Paul Quinn College.



Paul Quinn weekly

Printed by the school's printing department. 

Hightower Theodore Kealing


Paul Quinn Monthly 1888, 1889

J. K. Williams, editor

I. M. Burgan, business mgr

Paul Quinn monthly 1890, 1891

Daniel A. Banks, editor

Cecil R. Duberry, printer

I. M. Burgan, business mgr,


Paul Quinn monthly  1892, 1893 

Noah A. Banks, editor  

William E. Day, business mgr

John K. B. S. Williams, superintendent of printing