Paul Quinn College
Historically Black College




John F. Slater Fund

PAUL QUINN COLLEGEó Waco, Texas. Rev I. W. Burgan, President ; organized 1881 African Methodist Episcopal Church. Real estate, (twenty acres) and improvements, $20,000.00. Teachers, 4; pupils, 97. Slater appropriation, $300.00, used to aid in paying salaries. The property of the College was paid for by the colored people of Texas, and they have carried the school from the beginning The Agent found that the best people of Waco have great confidence in the school and its management. Three of the teachers are graduates of Wilberforce University. The teaching is admirably done. The grounds are well cultivated by the male students, each boy being required to work one hour each day. The land is rich and yields abundantly. Without the products of the student labor from these gardens and patches the school could not have kept going. The African Methodist Church is making an earnest effort to make this an institution of high character.

Annual report of the General Agent of the "John F. Slater Fund," 1887