Paul Quinn College
Historically Black College


REV. JOSHUA V. B. GOINS, M. D., D. D., Author, Presiding Elder,Brenham District, West Texas A. M. E. Conference.

School Colors Purple and Gold

Motto A past to Cherish, a future to fulfill

Mascot Tiger

Alma Mater

Words and music by Mrs. H. Miller Yancy
Published by Dr. J. W. Yancy, II

Forever like a beacon light
May Paul Quinn College ever stand?
To guide the human race aright
And bless and brighten all the land.
From North and South, from East and West
Your sons and daughters strong and fair
Stand true in life’s refining test -
Resolve the right to do and dare.
As sons and daughters ever devout,
May we resolve the best to be?
And o’er our foes within, without,
March on to signal victory.
And when at last we’ve won life’s day,
A great and strong triumphant throng
Shall chant in heav’n in full array:
.Paul Quinn, our Alma Mater song.

Paul Quinn College, song of our souls,
We will strive to bring you fame each day
That time unfolds.
Inspired by God and man, you are a shrine
Beyond compare
.Paul Quinn, our dear Alma Mater fair