Paul Quinn College
Historically Black College




Miss GRACE G. SAMPSON is among the brainiest young women of the race. As a scholar she is without a peer. She is the first and only woman who has secured a first-grade certificate from the Dallas City public school board. Having been reared in Chicago she has enjoyed exceptional advantages for education. After graduating from the high school of her native city she came to Texas and accepted a position as teacher in the Paul Quinn College. Thence she took the first- grade examination and got the highest average per cent, ever made in Corsicana, Texas, where she taught one year. Prof. Kealing, now president of Paul Quinn College, Waco, Texas, hearing of the rigidness of the Dallas board of examiners, took the examination in I888 and passed it with a very high mark, as the boast had been made by the whites that "a nigger could not get sufficient average." Thus Prof. Kealing exploded the doctrine of incapacity, being the first Negro to pass the board. The remark was made afterward that "no Negro woman could get a first-grade certificate in Dallas." This remark was grating on Miss Sampson's ear, hence in 1889 she went to Dallas and applied for a first-grade certificate, to the utter surprise of the board. She was examined and awarded the coveted certificate, and thus put an end to the doubts and dogmas of Negro inferiority. She is at present teaching in the city schools of the great and future metropolis, Chicago.


Sketch from Noted Negro Women: Their Triumphs and Activities
by Monroe Alphus Majors