Paul Quinn College
Historically Black College






MISS FREDRICKA JONES. Educator. Miss Jones ranks among the leading educators of the race. She is a graduate from the classic halls of the famous Michigan University, Ann Arbor Michigan. And has since done very telling work for our race as teacher in the northern as well as the southern college. She is at present lady principal of Paul Quinn college, Waco, Texas. Her special fitness commends her to the higher educational work among our people, and the above named school has under her watchful care and tutelage, made very great advances in the right direction. She is amiable, most agreeable in manners, and a capable counselor on topics of advanced studies. Her prominence as well as intellectual ability, entitles her to many pages whereon might be forcibly drawn the illustrious career of one so worthy. We, knowing, Miss Jones' love for obscurity feel somewhat reluctant in making the fore-going statement, yet by a sense of right we have thus risked our judgment.


Sketch from Noted Negro Women: Their Triumphs and Activities
by Monroe Alphus Majors