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This accomplished lady was educated in the Detroit public schools and is a graduate of one of the leading musical conservatories of America. She comes of a musical family, her relatives having been musicians for several generations. For a number of years she taught music in the Texas Blind Asylum for Colored Youth, and is distinguished as the first Afro- American who was offered a position in that institution. She was married to I. M. Burgan in 1889, and became a teacher in the Paul Quinn College. She is a pleasing and courteous woman and takes great interest in the elevation and culture of her race.

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Mrs. Cora L Burgan  (nee Moore.) Pianist and Teacher. Mrs. Burgan  is a graduate from one of the leading conservatories of music of America. She was educated in the public schools of Detroit, Mich., and at quite an early age showed the qualifications for which her father, grandfather, and, in fact, her whole family for three or more generations back, have been famous-that of music. Her father for many years was leader of the best orchestra of her native city. 

For a number of years she taught music in the Texas Blind Asylum for colored youth ; in fact, she was the first lady that was honored with a position in the Institute. Later she was appointed to a prominent position as teacher in the Paul Quinn College, by the affable Dr. I. M. Burgan, who in 1889 made her the mate for his useful career. 

Mrs. Burgan is pleasing, courteous, in fact destined to be a grand and useful woman to her race.


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Mrs. Cora L Burgan  (nee Moore), of Detroit, Mich., now of Oakland, Cal., sister to Prof. A. J. Moore, like him is a pianist, a graduate in the musical art and a most pleasing performer, an ex-musical teacher in the Texas Blind, Deaf and Dumb Asylum.

Sketch from Noted Negro Women: Their Triumphs and Activities
by Monroe Alphus Majors