Mary Allen College
Historically Black College





President: H. P. V. Bogue.1

A girls' school of elementary and secondary grade. The teaching is effective.

The school was founded in 1887 by the Presbyterian Board of Missions for Freed- men and owned and controlled by that board.

Attendance.—Total, 115; elementary 88, secondary 27. Of the pupils reporting home address, 3 were from Crockett, 45 from other places in Texas, and 2 from other States.

Teachers.—Total, 13; all white, male 1, female 12. The teachers are well trained and earnest.

Organization.—Elementary: Pupils are admitted as low as the third grade. The four grades and the first year of the "normal" department are elementary.

Secondary: Secondary work is done in the last three years of the "normal" course. The subjects are: English, 1 year; mathematics, 2; elementary science, 2; history, 1; Bible, %; teacher-training, 1; agriculture, %; and bookkeeping, >£.

Industrial: Good instruction in cooking and sewing is provided and the work is related to the boarding department. The dormitory life of the girls affords considerable training in home activities.

Financial, 1912-13.—The books are kept in accordance with the system required by the Presbyterian Board. As far as could be determined the more important items were:

Income, excluding  noneducational receipts " $10,979

Expenditures, less noneducational receipts 13,426

Value of plant 60, 000

Sources of income: Presbyterian Board, $7,166; tuition and fees, $2,237; miscellaneous, $1,576. The noneducational receipts were from the boarding department and amounted to $4,000.

Items of expenditure: Salaries, $5,527; supplies for boarding department, $4,105; farm labor and material, $1,748; repairs and additions, $1,453; furniture and equipment, $823; payment on debt, $714; power, light, and heat, $676; other expenses, $2,380. In addition the Presbyterian Board appropriated about $5,000 for building purposes and to meet the deficit of $2,447.

Plant.—Land: Estimated value, $10,000. The land comprises 280 acres, a large portion of which is cultivated. The products are used by the school. The school grounds present a neat appearance.

Buildings: Estimated value, $48,000. There are two large brick buildings, used for school purposes and dormitories. There are also two frame buildings and a barn. The buildings are in good condition.

Movable equipment: Estimated value, $2,000. The movable equipment consists of furniture for classrooms and dormitories.

Recommendations.—1. That efforts be made to gain for the institution larger recognition from the school authorities of the State.

2. That the teachers enlarge their contact with the schools of the county and the State.

3. That teacher training and the theory and practice of gardening receive greater emphasis.1

Date of visit: March, 1914. Facts verified, 1915


Sketch from Negro Education: A Study of the Private and Higher Schools