Huston-Tillotson University
Historically Black College






EVANS, IRA HOBART - He was a member of the board of trustees of that college from 1881 to 1920 and president of the board from 1909 to 1920. Benefactor, Tillotson College
GREENE, HARRY WASHINGTON - Dean of Samuel Huston College/Trustee
HEINSOHN, EDMUND - chairman of the board of trustees of Huston-Tillotson College
DURDEN, MATTIE ELLA HOLMAN - Trustee/Student, Samuel Huston College, Tillotson College 
CONNOR, CONNIE YERWOOD- Trustee/Student, Samuel Huston College 
LOUD, IRA BENJAMIN- Trustee, Huston-Tillotson College
BRANCH, MARY ELIZABETH - President, Tillotson College
DOWNS, KARL EVERETTE - President, Samuel Huston College
DAVAGE, MATTHEW SIMPSON - President, Samuel Huston College, Huston-Tillotson College
KING, WILLIS JEFFERSON - President, Samuel Huston College
ALLEN, RUTH ALICE - Teacher, Huston-Tillotson College
HOLLOWAY, JEAN MACMULLEN - Teacher, Huston-Tillotson College
BREWER, JOHN MASON - Teacher, Samuel Huston College
AYCOX, NANIE BELLE JENKINS - Teacher, Samuel Huston College
WYATT, JAMES ODIS- Student, Samuel Huston College
MUNCHUS, GEORGE MURRAY - Studen, Samuel Huston Colleget 
MAJORS, MONROE ALPHEUS- Student, Tillotson College 
LINTON, DOLORES BURTON- Student, Samuel Huston College 
FULLER, MAUDE ANNA BERRY - Student, Tillotson College
DICKEY, JAMES LEE - Student, Tillotson College
DICKERSON, SPENCER C. - Student, Tillotson College
DEWITTY, VIRGIE CARRINGTON- Student, Tillotson College
CRAFT, JUANITA JEWEL SHANKS - Student, Samuel Huston College
CHATMAN, JOSEPH ALVIN - Student, Samuel Huston College
ADAIR, CHRISTIA V. DANIELS - Student, Samuel Huston College
PROSSER, INEZ BEVERLY - Student, Samuel Huston College
GROVEY, RICHARD RANDOLPH - Student, Tillotson College
John Freeman Hightower - Student, Huston-Tillotson College
CURRIE, THOMAS WHITE Trustee, Tillotson College
BOWDEN, ARTEMISIA  honorary degrees from Wiley and Tillotson colleges
The American Missionary — Volume 42, No. 02, February 1888