Houston Academy
Historically Black College


Frederick William Gross

College president, educator. Gross was born Jan. 13, 1861 at Marshall, Texas. He was the son of Anderson and Minerva (Edmunds) Gross. He attended Wiley University from the year 1873 to1878 , In the year 1879-80 he studied at Fisk University.  He received his AB degree from  Bishop College in 1885 and his AM degree from Bishop in 1902. Gross also  took banking and public finances courses in 1904-06 at  the University of Chicago. 

He married Mary Susie Hill of Marshall on September 20, 1883. They had three children, Fred W Jr, Pliny DeWitt, and Jessie Mae. 

Gross taught in various colored schools between 1878-1907. In 1907 he became president of Houston College. 

He was elected grand secretary of United Brothers of Friendship of Texas in 1889, when the order was in bankruptcy. since collected over $800, 000 and built a sound institution with assets (1914) in land notes and money valued at $260,000.was national grand secretary 1894-1900.

 Alternate delegate Republican Party National Convention Philidephia, Pa,1900, Chacago, 1904. 

Was president Baptist Missionary Educational Convention of Texas 1895-1905.

Gross is interred at Old Powder Mill Cemetery